Recently, I was on the program “About Love” and met one of the finalists of the project “The Battle of Psychics”, her colleague in the shop and just an interesting girl – Nicole Kuznetsova. She was the heroine of this talk show, and I, as an astrologer, had to comment on some of her life situations. And I really liked it when she immediately, literally from the doorway, said: “Dear friends, many turn to psychics for help, but, first, they don’t want to do anything themselves, and secondly, they come with strange expectations of incomprehensible miracle. “

Let’s be honest – neither the astrologer, nor the psychic, nor the fortune-teller can overnight from the state of the poor and sick bring you into a state of rich and healthy. Moreover, all the well-known proverbs and sayings, as well as people’s life experience, boil down to the fact that a horseshoe will never bring you happiness and luck until you nail it to your hoof and start plowing like a horse.

I also liked the second moment. If you are seriously ill, if you have serious illnesses, then you do not need to go for treatment to psychics. You need to go for treatment to the doctors. Nicole said: “I myself am the daughter of a doctor and I know that it is impossible to cure such diseases as cancer, cerebral palsy, stroke and many other serious diseases with the help of witchcraft. It is necessary to be treated by a doctor.”

And here a reasonable question arises: why then are we all needed? And I would just like to talk about this, but from the point of view of an astrologer and astrology.

Dear friends, I want to avoid the illusion that you will come to the astrologer poor and sick, and go away rich and healthy. So let’s see what an astrologer can do for you and what not? What can and should be expected when you turn to an astrologer, and what miracles should you not expect?

So, what an astrologer can do for you:

1. An astrologer can determine the current state of your affairs.

When you come to me, you save time on the story. Coming to a psychologist, you should tell him in detail about your problem. The astrologer doesn’t need to thoroughly talk about what is happening in your life (especially, in your inner world). I immediately see your priority question on your natal chart. As a rule, we are all interested in the same questions: work and career, health and beauty, personal life. But usually, at the moment of appeal, there is some priority area of ​​these three. And what excites you the most is always visible from your natal chart. Naturally, we must first decide the priority issue. No need to try to hide the information and say: “No, no, that you, my husband and I are fine,” when in fact you are being devoured from the inside, that the husband is cheating on you, and you yourself can not really eat or sleep. Therefore, we must begin with where the most subtle and painful moment.

2. The astrologer can help to understand not only the current situation, but also the likely ways to solve it.

For example, an astrologer can clearly say: whether to change your job or stay on it? Are there prospects for you in this marriage or in a relationship with this young man or not? What is your partner in a relationship, and in general, as an individual, what is his potential? Should we continue to move on, or should we disperse or build relationships? An astrologer can help you make a decision, but not take it for you. I share the responsibility with those who turned to me, but I do not take full responsibility for his fate.

3. The astrologer can determine the time frame of events.

An astrologer can help you answer the question: what should I do now and what should I not? For example: “Should I move now?”, “Should I change jobs now?”, “When is the right time to get married?” etc.

4. An astrologer can help you decide in life.

For example, answer the questions: “Do I occupy a place?”, “Do I work there?”, “Is this my line of business?”, “Should I combine several things at once?”, “Do I need to change my profession? ” etc.

In addition to answering direct questions, an astrologer can help you understand yourself, unleash your potential, talents and abilities, describe your strengths and weaknesses, including in personal relationships. Explain cause-effect relationships. Talk with you about future prospects. Predict you future. But to predict the future only in this vein: how likely is the probability? No one will ever tell you about the future at 100%, because as such the future does not exist, but there are probabilistic lines. And on some of these lines there can be such unpleasant points in the horoscope as the points of life interruption. These are the so-called “thresholds” in your life path. Here you can stumble and fall, and you can know where this threshold is and step over it. It takes effort from you, but it’s better

Let’s sum up. What an astrologer can do for you: to help determine the current situation; find the best ways out of the current situation; suggest favorable and unfavorable periods for any event; help you decide in life and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Even when you ask a question about a disease, an astrologer can say with precision which treatment methods are right for you. Someone suitable for conservative methods of treatment, someone – radical (surgery), someone well helps hypnosis, homeopathy or alternative medicine. All this is clearly seen from your horoscope. But the doctor, not an astrologer or a psychic, will still treat you. Indeed, an astrologer can tell if there are strong energetic influences from outside at the present moment (evil eye, damage, etc.). Unfortunately, it all exists, and I can even say how much you are subject to such influences. I can tell what is happening with you and with your health now. It often happens that there is no witchcraft and damage to you, but there is an installation for this in your head. In my personal life, I can help you decide what kind of man do you need and where is the chance to meet him. But do not forget, dear friends, that if I say that you have a chance of marriage after three years, but you sit at home on the couch and do nothing, then this is unlikely to happen.

Astrology is best described by a joke about Moishe and a lottery ticket. I can tell you which lottery game you better play, I can name the optimal period for winning, but I can’t go out and buy a lottery ticket for you. You still have to do it yourself.

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