If you have to give a gift to a friend or near Scorpion but you do not really know what to offer, we have the solution: in this article we give you some tips that could delight them. That said, remember that the characteristics of the Scorpio sign also influence a lot in the kind of gifts. Scorpions are very mysterious, intense and sensual. Do not give him a traditional gift, always think of his way of being to choose well.

What a gift to give to a Scorpio man

  • As a sign of water, any gift related to this element will enchant.
  • According to the budget, they will be satisfied with a small sailing boat passing by an inflatable boat to go to the beach.
  • If he likes to go to the beach, a windsurfing, surfing or water bike course can be a nice gift. If this is accompanied by a weekend in a seaside village, it will be the perfect gift. If they do not like the sea so much, but they love river fishing, you can buy them all the tools to have fun through this sport.
  • Other gifts to have fun as a couple: give the Scorpion man his favorite bottle of wine and a selection of gourmet products that you can enjoy together.

What a gift for a Scorpion woman

  • Complements to create atmospheres: a kit of scented candles, oils or incense if it’s a friend. If the one who offers is her boyfriend, a set of underwear or lingerie will delight and in addition you can have fun with both.
  • The perfect trip: a holiday on the coast. As a sign of water, Scorpion women adore the sea where they can bathe under the sun in all their splendor. If the place is more exotic, it’s the total.
  • For the most mysterious: this could be the best gift of friends. She will love a book on numerology, the interpretation of dreams … and if she already has an advanced level, tarot cards can also be a very fun gift. You will always be aware of what your future holds for you.
  • For the most literary: a novel of mystery, like those of Agatha Christie or Charles Poirot.

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