This material is dedicated to those men who sincerely want to be completely loyal to their woman, but are struggling with the temptations to “turn left.” Women, having read the above words, may be surprised: how a “devoted” man can even be tempted by such. As a man who has faced such problems, I will say that this is possible, and that devotion and temptation are not mutually exclusive things.

There are so many good men who really want to be only with the woman they have chosen, but they are constantly faced with the fact that they need to make efforts so as not to go on about their natural desire. I must say right away that I do not define adultery as a purely physical act of sex with someone else. For me, treason is any thought, feeling and behavior that contradicts a man’s devotion to his woman.

I know I know. Women reading these lines will be delighted, while men will hit themselves on the forehead, saying how a man could blurt out such a thing. What’s wrong with looking at the entire menu, but not everything, right?

Well, there is nothing wrong with that, but it’s something that does not allow a good man to experience what he most wants …

True love and intimacy in a relationship with a woman whom he truly loves.

Men cheat on women because of the overwhelming force of sexual desire, which makes them want a particular female, and no matter how they try to control this instinct, they do not succeed.

The exception is only those men whose sexuality depends on their heart, which, even at the physical level, are excited only by the woman they love. But such men, unfortunately, are very few.

I know this for myself. Although I never slept with women other than my wife, I still wanted them, others. I had an innocent flirtation, but all these were just “friends”. But in fact, I was deceiving myself, not understanding what such “harmless” behavior alienated me from the woman I actually loved, and from the intimacy that I really wanted.

Only when I began to look at the relationship with my woman and my devotion to her as a test through which I can pass for the sake of better harmony with myself, only then I began to understand what it means to love.

Choosing one woman completely from day to day is no joke.

No matter how much a man loves his woman, if he still wants other women, he must work on himself. Only through a loyal relationship can a man rebuild his sexuality so that it will go through his heart. This is the only reliable way to protect yourself from adultery, and this is the only way that a man can experience real intimacy in his life.

After reading these words, men may think, but how can this be done in reality? I will tell you: every time you catch yourself thinking about another woman, you get closer to your own.

Women after these words may think that this is even more than they asked. But you too can do something to help us – support the men, be devoted to them, your relationship and yourself.

Do not blame them, do not punish, do not blame him for looking at other women, but create for him a safe corner in his life where he can share his feelings and become closer to you, and not to other women. He needs to see for whom he is trying.

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