A considerable number of women ask themselves the question: “ Why do men not want to marry? “. I don’t know, maybe there are a lot of answers to this question on the Internet, in books, in magazines, but I decided to express my male opinion on this question.

1. Freedom

A man is afraid of getting caught in a “captivity” of marriage. ” A married man is already a goodbye girl.” He believes that legal bonds will severely restrict his freedom. Therefore, many men prefer to live in a civil marriage . “She wed civil marriage , and then we’ll see …”

2. Financial position

Relationship after a wedding requires a kind of “ independence ”. A man wants with his chosen one only together in one apartment, and not with his parents, etc. The maximum can be, eat housing.

For these reasons, the man puts the work almost above all. He wants to be independent, confident in his future and wants his family to live in prosperity.

3. Friends

Some men are afraid to be the “instigators” in their circle of friends. If he is surrounded by bachelor friends, a man may not have the courage to marry. Sometimes he prefers to wait.

4. Woman

It may also be the case that a man does not see his chosen one in the form of a wife . For example: she satisfies him as a woman, but a man cannot see her wife in her (the owner, her cooking in the kitchen, etc.) or the mother of her children. [Ad # content] 
Often this factor makes a man leave her. He really wants to find his “wife” and not his girlfriend. Although, if a man really loves his darling, then no “can not cook”, “bad mother” will not force you to change your mind about the wedding.

5. Age


Some beautiful men set themselves a “bar”. I will tell you a secret, I also have a kind of age plan. I really do not know where it came from. But the plans are 24-25 years old, that is, before this age I am not going to marry. Who knows, maybe I’m not the only one?

6. Love

It happens that men do not want to marry, because love has passed or it was not there . Yes, maybe he is in a pair with someone, maybe he is good with her … But no more, he just got used to this woman and wants to wait: until he falls in love with her or another … A man is always in his head: “ I want love “.

7. Previous marriage

Unfortunately, some men who have experienced for themselves the disadvantages of marriage, do not hurry to marry again . They prefer freedom or want to wait a bit to find the very one with which he will really be fine after the wedding.

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