Recently, a lot of women come to me with the same problem. They complain that a man does not work, does not provide, does not develop, does not manifest himself as a man. I’m tired of repeating the same thing to everyone, so in this article I will tell everyone right away what is what and how to be . My colleague, Ekaterina Polishchuk, also contributed some thoughts to this article based on her practice.

  • This article is for you if:
  • Your man does not offer you, although you have been living together for several years;
  • Your man does not work and, apparently, does not plan to work;
  • Your man complains, provoking you to take responsibility for decisions

Why it happens?
To blame for this situation, alas, not men, but we women. From birth we are potentially stronger than men, we have many times more mental and vital energy. What happens to the men who are next to us is, in general, our influence.

Along with some women, men become rich, along with other poor, with some things go uphill, and with others, a man loses his strength and sometimes even becomes impotent.

I advised one girl, she had three serious relationships, and in all these relations, after some time, the men lost potency, and their sex life ended completely.

And my other client, only having talked with a man, gave him such a charge that for a week everything went uphill, despite the fact that it might not even be her partner.

It all depends on how a woman fills a man and how she behaves with him!

A woman energetically destroys a man when she gives him money.

After this, it is already very difficult for a man to rehabilitate himself and become a normal man. I had about 500 clients who sponsored their husbands and financially helped them – none of these situations ended well. Men did not consciously take revenge, humiliate, or turn into small children who need to be pampered with new toys all the time. Never give men money, neither their husband, nor father, nor brother. Even if he is in a difficult situation, even if it’s hard for him, let him grow up and choose himself. This will make him a man, not an energy disabled person. Believe me, this will not end well!

Catherine also added:
“If you nevertheless gave money to a man, then he should return to you three (!!!) times more, then this will not destroy him like a man, and will give you a chance to develop yourself. Even his son, as soon as he was 18 years old, does not need to give money. Let him make money, let him seek opportunities. By doing this, you will help him become a man responsible for his life, and he will subsequently be able to take responsibility for his loved ones.

In addition, look inside yourself and honestly answer the question: “What do I feel when I give money to a man?”, “Do I like it?”, “Do I want to do this?” I am sure that most of you will answer no. Because it is unnatural when we give men money, we have complaints and aggression against them, on the one hand, and this gives us illness, and on the other hand, we move away from our feminine nature, lose ourselves and begin to hate ourselves, get angry at yourself and ultimately destroy. In my practice there are so many cases when it happened that way when women turned to me in a terrible state. And all this is because they once decided to “pity” their man, make his life easier, be good for him, “save” him.

Once I started dating a young man, and he asked me to give him money. The sum was small, but I did not want to give it to him, but then I still did not know all these laws, and it was inconvenient for me to refuse. I gave him this money and could no longer meet with him, because I lost respect for him, and respect is the basis of relations.

A woman gives a man energy to earn money, and this money was returned to her in the form of gifts and what she would do well. And not vice versa.”

The next curse:

A woman does not accept anything from a man.

Why is this a curse? Because a woman is the personification of the material energy of well-being, investing in it is equivalent to pleasing the God of Wealth and Well-being. When a man brings something material to a woman, and she accepts it with ease and joy, an energy exchange takes place at a subtle level, and for a man a greater energy field is revealed for actions and for the hurry. But if a woman cannot accept, saves, or says “It’s so expensive, I didn’t have to buy it,” she curses his well-being and the money will be turned away from the man (at least until he finds a woman who can accept ) Therefore, pay attention to your life. Do you accept gifts from your man, even small ones? Does this happen with a light heart? Do you feel good when you are presented with something?

Ekaterina Polishchuk “It is not a secret that when a wife does not know how to accept, a man has a lover who tells him what she wants and happily accepts it. At such moments, the man feels happy. Men love in women what they can give her. And if she does not take anything, then life for them loses its meaning.

Therefore, you need to expand your licensing system, you need to learn to want and accept what you want.

Another aspect of acceptance is when a woman takes it, but everything is small and small, nothing can satisfy her, she is insatiable. Such behavior does not make a man successful, it simply devastates him, because even if you accept, you remain unhappy. If you feel that this is about you, start to thank God every day for what he gives you through your man, for the smallest things, say: “Now I feel dissatisfaction with what my husband does for me, but I would really like to to accept all his gifts with ease, joy and gratitude. ” After some time, your condition will change. ”

A woman pities a man.

Pity is always a top-down position. We can regret only those who are somewhat lower than us. When a woman pities a man, she humiliates him by this, deprives herself of faith in herself, in her strength. The more she pities him, the more he becomes a weakling. We can feel sorry for the child, but sorry for the man is a taboo. It just means that you don’t believe in him. And a normal man will be annoyed and furious when you try to feel sorry for him, and if the man has already fallen into infantilism, then he will gladly lay his head on your lap and will talk about how hard he lives and how your help is needed. If you need a little son, then continue to do the same.

My colleague’s advice: “Realize that a“ lifeguard ”lives in you, you really like this role, but! With this, you activate the triangle – the victim-aggressor-rescuer, and it is very difficult to get out of it until you honestly admit to yourself why you are in it.

As my practice shows, women often enter the role of a lifeguard in order to attract a man, in order to be good for him, necessary, so that he could not do without her. Only as a result, the man simply stops straining, but why? After all, he is a sacrifice to be saved, and a lifeguard is at hand. Let him solve his problems. And a woman, when she gets tired of dragging everything on herself, turns into an aggressor, and then the man searches for himself a lifeguard on the side in the face of another woman or starts drinking. ”

Having dealt with only these three points, you can already change a lot in your life and rehabilitate relationships from patients to adequate, where there is a natural cosmic hierarchy.
And here the woman needs to show her character, her inner dark Goddess, who can say no to all male manipulations and attempts to return everything to the old places.
No, I won’t give you money, because I respect you too much and I think that you can do it yourself!
Scary to say so, right?
But it’s much worse when you always say “Yes, good,” and the man sings the praises “You helped me out, you saved me, thank you!”, However, after he got out of the difficulties, he will not invest in you, and in another woman who did not see him weak, who did not rise above him, giving him money!
And it hurts a lot, but we ourselves are to blame.

Going further …
I understand that the article is very painful, but it is better to deal with this right away.
For example, you deal with three curses, and your husband still does not provide much for you.

Let’s see what you fill it with!

If a woman is filled with fears and emotions, then she puts all this into a man, and his business will slip at minimum speed or even close. Fear blocks the flow of energy.
Usually such women strongly cling to stability, they are afraid of her husband’s new projects, because they cannot control it, and it is important for them that everything is predictable, understandable, and adjusted. The word risk causes fear in them.
Look inside yourself … What do you think of her husband’s work? Are you ready to increase it? To a job change? To ensure that he had his own business? Or maybe somewhere inside you are comfortable that you earn more than him, and this allows you to manage the situation? Be honest with yourself.

Catherine also highlights an important thought in this process. “Another important point here is that if you are satisfied with your husband’s situation now, and you don’t want him to move on, try something new, because it can lead to instability, you lead him to degradation. As soon as the man stopped there, he began to slide down. Understand this. Work on your fears and encourage its development, even if it will go on (and it will most likely be!) Through crises. ”

If a woman is filled with claims, grievances, condemnation , then this is the man’s business, and he begins to blame the state, government, bosses, and any condemnation is a powerful loss of energy, and, therefore, a man can never build an empire on such energy. Stop condemning and envying yourself first, stop discussing other people’s mistakes even in your mind, tune in to a wave of successful people and then your man will be filled with the necessary energy.

If a woman is filled with empty thoughts about the past, empty conversations, then this emptiness fills the man, and he constantly tries to do some strange business, is engaged in strange things that do nothing but emptiness.

Your task is to completely remove conversations about the past, stop recalling to him everything that he was guilty of, mistaken, etc. The past is no longer there, we must draw conclusions from it and move on. It is in your power to help yourself and the man make the past the platform with which he will take a fresh start.

If a woman is filled with acceptance, pleasure and desires, then she creates a huge field for the development of a man, because through him her energy materializes into money that serves the realization of her desires. Such a cycle of energy! ? If a woman has no desires that she wants to enjoy, then there will be no money.
I had several very Vedic women consulted, they had everything right, consecrated food, prayers for her husband on Thursdays, foot massage, everything was as it should with the correct humble mentality, but there was no money at all. And for them it was not at all clear, each of them asked: “Why is this happening? I’m doing everything right after all! ” The answer is simple and painful.

“You simply do not know how to enjoy, and you abandoned personal desires. Everything will be more or less even in your family, but there will be no money in this situation, and internal dissatisfaction will make itself felt over time! ” That’s all.

Unfortunately, many women do not correctly understand the Vedas, believing that a woman should give up her desires, focusing only on the desires of her husband. But this is not so, the Vedas do not talk about it. On the contrary, Vedic women are happy and beautiful, they want gifts and accept them. Look at the images of the Vedic goddesses! What are they like? What energy comes from them? I feel the energy of pleasure from them, they are desired for their men, because they have desires!

Only when she is full can a woman do something, fill a man and children, but if she herself is empty, but she is trying to invest in a man, this is a big mistake that will lead to a severe crisis.

How many times have I heard this phrase:
“How could he do this after I put in it, how much I did for him!”

This is the key mistake of many women! They didn’t invest in the wrong person, they didn’t do it for that, my dear.

You can’t even imagine what “bear” service you render to a man, when being empty, invest in him! Not only do you destroy yourself, you also destroy it.

What to do with all this?
How to change yourself so that the relationship changes qualitatively?

First, you need to understand that now you have the man you deserve.

Your potential and energy quality is such that it can only attract such a type.
And the most important thing you need to do now is to understand exactly for yourself, do you want to change this or are you not ready for this?
Do you want other relationships and are you ready to make a small revolution in yourself for this? And it will take a revolution and a completely different approach!
Are you ready for your man to become a man in the full sense of the word?
Are you ready to live today as a woman, and not as a workhorse and mother of your husband?
If so, be prepared to accept the following information.

From now on, your attention should be focused on yourself, on your desires, on your needs, on your values.

Realize what you really want from life.

  • How do you see yourself in a year? After 5 years? In 10?
  • How do you want to live? Just like now, or else?
  • Do you really believe in this man and in his success? Do you want to see him really successful?
  • Do you love him or do you live with him because of the fear of change and another life, loneliness?
  • Do you want to live with him all your life?
  • Is this relationship a choice from abundance and love or from fear? What kind of relationship do you want?

Ask yourself questions! Many questions and be aware of your desires!
No matter how your husband behaves at the same time (and most likely, he will rebel, get angry and try to regain your attention), keep the inner core and remember your desires.

As soon as they pull you back, remember how you want to live.

Stop hoping for a husband and expect a miracle from him.

Live your life, invest more in yourself, take care of yourself, enjoy life as much as possible with ease and tranquility. If your man is still able to be adequate, then over time he will gladly join you, and will contribute to your happy life. Sign up for dancing, to the gym, for massage, go for walks, meet friends – fill yourself and your life with joy. Shift the focus of attention from your husband to your personal happiness!

Do not be offended by your husband and do not make claims.

This is a dangerous trail. When we express such emotions to a man, we give him energy so that he changes it, and since the man refuses to change and react, we remain energetically attached to him, because we cannot leave without the compensated energy of resentment. So relax. If your man does not do what you ask, just get offended and do it yourself.

No need to pray and read mantras for a man who destroys a woman in you.

Prayers that are read for a specific purpose or benefit are strongly attached to the person. If you can read prayers really disinterestedly, then read, but if you are driven by any profit, you will bind yourself to this man even more strongly.

After you change your attitude to life, take more care of yourself, invest in yourself, pay attention, plan your time without adapting to a man, then at one point your husband will face a crisis: he will either be forced to change or he will leave.

Both options are good, because if a man begins to change, then this will be the beginning of his formation as a real man, he will take the path of responsibility!

If a man leaves, then he is not ready to change, not ready to do anything for you. And he is comfortable staying at that small level at which he is, rather than growing and developing with you. There are men whose potential is very limited, they will never become great, no matter how a woman fills them. And no need to regret and worry, why do you need a man who does not want to make you happy, who does not want to go forward?

Ekaterina Polishchuk: “In my practice, there are already cases where women took a chance and started to do just that, and their life has changed. Yes, it was hard for them, especially the first time, yes, they went to their happiness through crises, but now none of them regrets that they went this way! They have become healthier (although they have come to me with very serious illnesses), they have become happier, their husbands have changed or other men who value them are next to them. ”

Believe me, it is impossible to change someone who does not want to change, no matter how you pray for him and how you serve him. And even if we pull and push them, at the first opportunity they will roll into their swamp, and we will be left without strength, while we could go very, very far, become happier, happier, richer and closer to God!

We can make a choice only for ourselves: to live one way or another!

The woman herself makes decisions for how she will live, whether she will be happy, whether she will allow herself a man with a capital letter, or all her life will be pulled by a “hippo from the swamp”.
And it is not necessary to transfer responsibility to O. Torsunov and other lecturers that they forbade to get divorced and said that any man should be accepted.
Your life is your choice!
How do you want to live?

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