It’s really annoying when your partner never writes you first, but always responds to your message immediately. This text will show you what that means and how to handle it.

Right at the beginning, I can tell you that you are rightfully angry. Because it’s pretty easy to be frustrated if he never writes you first, but always responds as if he’s thrilled that you’re talking to him. I mean, what’s the point?

Does he like you? Does he just play games with you? Why does not he want to be the first to write you a message if he likes you? It’s all so confusing and you do not know what to think of such a behavior. You keep having great conversations, but the fact that you’re the one who always bothers you greatly annoys you.

But how do you know if a man is worthy to date him?

I understand how you feel. If he misbehaves, is he worth conquering? But you should not jump to conclusions and I’ll tell you why.

You do not even know what’s going on.

It may be that something serious happens in his life, but he does not want to tell you anything because he’s just getting to know you. It’s not right to think straight away that he did not deserve you just because he never textes you first.

But you should be aware that if this is an ongoing problem and you have been a couple for months then maybe he is not the type of man you need. The discovery of why this is a problem will help you find out if it deserves you or not.

But let us find out what it means if he never writes you a message first, but always answers happily.

It does not have to mean that he’s bored with you. When you write him a message, he always answers with a smiley face. This is a nice conversation, but he never writes to you first. But why is that and what’s going on in his pretty head? Here are some reasons why he behaves so strangely.

1. He is not sure how you feel

Men can also be very careful with their hearts. Because it is not just women who are gentle with their feelings. He may just be unsure of what you feel for him, so he’ll only send you a message if you’ve already taken the initiative.

That way, he knows for sure that you want to talk to him. Maybe this behavior has something to do with insecurity. If he is not sure of himself then he may think that you do not want to talk to him and only write back when he knows that you will actually respond.

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2. He does not want to annoy you

There are men who think they are really annoying when they call first. Because some women complain about decent men and this may be the reason why he waits for you to write a message first.

It may also be possible that his ex-girlfriend told him that he was too attached and therefore broke up with him. If so, it behaves as a precautionary measure. Because he does not want to spoil his chance with you, so he waits until you take the first step.

3. He always has a lot to do

If he does not write you a message first, it may be possible that he only has a lot on his mind. If he has a lot to do at work or in his private life, he may not always be able to write you a message first. But that means that you are not his priority.

The man who is the first to write a message shows the woman that she is very important to him. Because even if he’s too busy, he’ll take the time to send you a short message telling you he’s thinking of you. So, the next time you talk, ask him if he had much to do at work and what he did in his free time?

4. He has his reasons why he distances himself from you

It may be possible that he cheats on you or has problems with attachment. Whatever the reason, he just does not want to let you into his life. That means he will not give you a chance to approach him at all.

5. He does not want a relationship

One reason why he distances himself more and more from you is because he does not want a relationship. Because the only thing he wants now is something casual and to talk to someone who is cool. This means that he does not want to give you false hope by being the first one to write a message to you. But he’s always happy to chat with you because he thinks you’re interesting and funny.

6. You often write him a message first

Will you ever give him the opportunity to be the first to write a message? Because it could be that you bombard him with your news.

If you write him a message in the morning and immediately after work, you do not leave much room for him to contact you. That’s why you should not report to him for a day and see how he will handle it. If he sends you a message, then the problem is solved.

7. He does not want to make any changes

Basically, he is happy with your relationship as it is and does not want it to evolve. That’s something the men who love their lives do. They want a woman with whom they can have a lot of fun, but otherwise they do not want other responsibilities or changes.

8. He is afraid of harassing you

This is just another sign that he is careful. Think about your conversations and try to remember if you ever said anything about decent types.

Maybe you told him that your previous relationships were always so overwhelming. Because if you mentioned that to him, he probably just tries not to be like your ex. He lets you take the lead so he makes a good impression on you.

9. He tries to assess your interest

The more you write to him first, the more you like him. He will remember that and make sure that you are really on him. But despite all the signs, there are men who will not notice. So if he wonders how you feel, he’ll probably let you have a message first, until he’s sure.

10. He does not like you as much as you think

That means that he is basically just nice to you. He is not really in love with you as you think. As much as he likes your conversations, he is not so keen on starting them himself. However, he probably tries to keep his options open by answering you each time.

11. He pretends to be hard to conquer

Some guys do it for a strange reason. They think you will fall in love with them if you put a lot of effort into the relationship. It does not always work, but the more you write to him as the first news, the more he thinks he’s right. So just let it be a while and see what happens.

12. You are too attached

That’s probably the main reason why he’s reluctant to be the first one to write you a message. You may be too attached and startle him a bit. If he did not have a relationship for a while, that could definitely be the reason why he never writes first, but always responds.

That’s why you should hold back a little. Wait for him to get in touch and if he does not, he does not like you and he’s not worth your time.

You’re probably overly frustrated if he never writes you first and I can fully understand that. But I hope that this advice can help you a bit.

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