The ancient Greek philosopher Plato described the concept of twin flames in his play Symposium. He wrote that man was divided in half, one for the male and one for the female essence, and since then, these two halves are looking for each other. The so-called twin flames embody the love that is liberated from all conditions.

Everyone has their twin, but not everyone will meet him. However, when you meet your twin, your life will never be the same again. The moment your eyes see for the first time, you will feel that your life will change completely. For this person, whom you have just met, will touch the unknown depths of your soul and your heart.

There is a lot of ambiguity about the concept of twin flames, as it has become popular lately. Many people assume that they met their twin because they fell in love with their soulmate. In her opinion, this relationship is better than all the previous ones that led her in her life.

I like to believe that the relationship with the soulmate is a reward. Because it is very easy to live with your soulmate. You both have the same mindset and when a problem arises, you solve it very quickly and without much quarreling and pain.

The twin flame relationship is anything but a romance. It drives you to grow beyond your imagination. It’s like winning a golden ticket to the accelerated evolution without having much time to breathe.

You and your twin improve the evolution of the other, triggering the deepest wounds that you did not know existed. After the first phase of bliss you go apart to work on the inner healing , because this relationship is a great burden for you.

You will sometimes feel that you are losing your mind. Your heart is filled with unconditional love for your twin, and there’s never been anything you’ve ever wanted in life other than to be with Him. But at the same time you instinctively feel that you can not be together and this triggers the most intense pain you’ve ever experienced.

Then you come together for a little while just to say goodbye to each other. This dynamic is like a fire dance, when you feel attracted to the light of the other and then the ego fears it will be burned so you run away.

As you can probably see, getting to know your own twin flame and having a relationship with it is not easy. There is no guarantee that you will ever be in a normal, typical relationship together. Besides, that’s not what the Twin Flame connection is about. But it is only the mind that tries to understand something that is incomprehensible.

You can dance together for many years or decades without ever stopping too long in the presence of the other. The distance and time do not change the strength of your connection, no matter how far and how long you are away from each other. On the contrary, as you move toward each other energetically, you can feel an even stronger bond with your twin.

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What is the purpose of the Twin Flame relationship?

If you are 100% sure that you have met your twin and not a soulmate, read on. The main purpose of the Twin Flame relationship is to experience a liberated love .

For the liberated love is the love that goes far beyond all concepts, labels and concepts, as a relationship should be. It surpasses any shape and does not constitute conditions.

Your twin will unconsciously trigger all kinds of fears and insecurities that are related to your value, your inner light, the meaning of your life, and your love. He will do it over and over again until you understand what unconditional love means. Please remember that he does not want to hurt you, but can only trigger the unconscious that is already in you.

As long as you seek a certain form of relationship between you, it is not unconditional love.

Because unconditional love means that your twin can leave you a hundred times, hurt you and give you empty promises, but your heart will never give it up and always hope that one day everything will be alright. None of this affects the way you feel inside yourself.

When you open your heart to this level, you make your heart and yourself independent of others.

To keep the heart wide open has nothing to do with naivety, but with mastery.

It is a combination of being present enough to recognize the mistakes of the human forms of others and our own. You can find that your twin is far from perfect. Because you see his shortcomings and may think that your relationship would never work. But your feelings for him remain unchanged no matter what he does and how he behaves towards you.

The unconditional love is not blind to the state of the world or the mistakes of others. But she is far-sighted and can see the essence of others, which remains untouched forever.

So your twin will train you to drop all expectations and unconscious manipulations to get what you want, and indeed a romantic relationship with him. There will also come the time when you will face the toughest decision of all time. You will wonder if you should continue to wait for him, or whether you should continue your own life, even though you continue to love him?

The unconditional love you can feel will increase if you allow her to. It will not only involve your twin but also other people, nature, animals and above all you.

That’s why you might have to make a decision. Either you wait for him or you choose yourself and make a life without him. But at this moment, people can easily make a mistake by taking their lives in their own hands and assuming that they have it under their control. Well, unfortunately that is not the case.

The most important thing here is to keep your heart open, because if you close it, you will feel lifeless.

When you try to suppress your feelings for your twin (which you can only achieve for a little while and with a lot of effort), you also let go of unconditional love. That’s why it never feels good.

If you look at the whole thing from a different perspective, going ahead could be the thing that can help you lower expectations. But never forget that it affects the connection you both have. Your attachment and love can not be called a classic love because it is not.

It is not the romantic love that other people want to own. But, free love, when you do not impose conditions on the other person, even if they hurt you, because you realize that the pain comes from the ego and not from the pure love.

In a free love there is no parenthesis, no needs, possession, control or manipulation. Your heart will clear itself until you reach the point where you stop caring if you will come with your twin.

You give it and yourself the freedom, but do not allow anything to bring your heart to a standstill. You trust him so much that you never doubt the love between you two. And that represents the true strength and love.

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