It is no secret that some women find it difficult to choose gifts for men. As a rule, they begin to fantasize in a completely different direction, in which it is necessary, and as a result, the gift causes a man to be perplexed.

Expensive alcohol and tobacco as a gift to women dismiss immediately, so as not to indulge in bad habits. And from the gifts like “socks, handkerchiefs” refuse because of their banality. What then donate? To answer this question, you must first deal with the fact that giving men is not worth it.

1. Shaving kits and other deodorants. In terms of banality, such gifts are in the same weight category with socks. Every man at home and so has a full arsenal of deodorants and shaving gels (thanks to women colleagues, who make such gifts from year to year on February 23). So as a gift for a beloved man, this option is absolutely no good.

2. Souvenirs, toys and other small things. If your man is not an avid collector of scaled car models, then it is better to refuse such gifts. Men are not so sentimental to rejoice at the faience ballerina.

3. Flowers. This is probably the most “non-male” gift. Too different attitude to colors in men and women. If for the weaker sex flowers is a wonderful gift that they are willing to accept at least every day, then for men it is an extremely useless thing that does not cause any emotions, and will be immediately forgotten somewhere. Some men may even take offense to themselves, if you give them flowers. And they will be right.

4. Household appliances. Such gifts are not suitable for two reasons. Firstly, it is a reminder of the dull “bytovusha” (although extremely practical and economic men can rejoice at such a useful gift). Secondly, when a woman gives a man household appliances, then from his point of view, the woman makes a gift to herself.

5. Animals. Good animals can be given only to children who dream of a kitten, or to those who directly say that they want just such a gift. After all, a pet is a responsibility, and it is not right to hang it on someone against your will. The same applies to plants.

6. Clothing. With such gifts is not so simple. In principle, clothing can be a great gift, provided that you have a great eye, and you know the tastes of your man. Usually such knowledge comes to a woman after many years of marriage.

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