The magnificent wedding “died down” and “otpela”, money gifts were counted, the wedding dress was packed, a new life begins with all its difficulties, surprises, trials and rules. It is necessary to get used to the fact that now instead of “I” – “we”. Months of happiness pass, the birth of a child, the purchase of expensive things for the accumulated money, everything seems to be good, but not in all families. Russia occupies one of the “not honorable” high places in the number of divorces. If every third marriage had fallen apart before, now every second. Sad statistics – a harsh reality. Why do families break up? Let’s look at some of the reasons.

  1. Perhaps the most common reason is alcoholism. Women who struggle with this problem are real heroines, but after a while, they lack the strength to do so. Having lived for many years with a drinking person, they leave, taking the children, who in their little life have seen enough, which contradicts the concept of “Happy childhood”. One wife’s efforts are not enough, if a man does not want, nothing will come of it.
  2. Poverty. This problem is faced not only by young families, but not everyone wants to live with this, and even more so, somehow “get out”. Shortage of money, constant quarrels on this basis. Some women do not want to get used to the fact that their husbands are lazy, and do not want to earn money. This also includes the housing problem. Young families in most cases live either in a rented apartment or in a mortgage apartment, in any of the examples, large sums of money go monthly.
  3. A common cause of divorce is relatives. Especially if the family lives with the parents of the wife or husband. Sometimes it is not possible to establish contact, as a result of which conflicts, nagging, constant quarrels, offenses arise. Living in such an atmosphere is unbearable.
  4. Without it, nowhere – treason , both from the husband and wife. This is a fairly common reason for divorce. As a rule, neither of them is ready to forgive.
  5. Scandalous relationship – trouble for the family. Well, who wants to live, constantly finding out the relationship? Men do not tolerate the sharp teeth of the “saw” of his wife, sometimes it is the cause of love adventures “to the left”, and then divorces. Women often scandalous because of too jealous partner in life.

The reasons for divorce a great many. Today, keeping the family is an art. Marriage does not burst at the seams – nonsense. These are strange looks.Do you want your wedding to be unforgettable? Order for her a beautiful wedding decor, one that will turn the hall for a banquet and a festive table into a real work of art, and a festive evening into a real fairy tale.

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