The code of rules and commandments of an ideal and real wife, which can teach you to build good relationships with your men:

1. Your man is your king.

Always remember that your man should take the highest place in your life. It is more important than yourself, your parents, your interests, and even children. Your man is the most important person in your life. Remember, if you treat him like a king, he will treat you like a queen.

2. Wake up early.

Always wake up in the morning before your man wakes up to make him a healthy breakfast and ensure he has a good start to the day. Even if he is forced to wake up and leave the house before you – you must ensure that breakfast is already prepared and waiting for him in the kitchen.

3. Never saw it!

Forget about lamentations for anything addressed to your man. If he wants to drink after returning home, then this is all connected with his work. If he forgets to take out the trash, then do it yourself for him.

4. Stay at home.

When your man returns home after a hard day, try to be home. Remember, if you also have a lot of work – return home as soon as possible.

5. Smile.

When he returns home, always greet him with a warm and cordial smile. When you have the opportunity, walk even a dozen kilometers in order to bring him soft drinks.

6. Cook dinner.

Being at home or if not yet – you should be there before him. Make your man a delicious dinner that he can eat soon after returning. Do not forget that he may tire from work, so offer to give him a massage.

7. Let go of your friends.

Do not be angry if your man wants to leave for the whole evening with his friends or at a football match. Accompany him with a smile and show him that you care about him, giving him a sandwich and beer on the road.

8. Ask permission before purchase.

When planning to use your spouse’s hard-earned money from your own salary, be sure to ask for his permission before you buy anything for yourselfŰ”

9. Leave the choice to him.

Only your man can decide what to watch on TV. TV is completely his prerogative and, therefore, he must decide for himself which channel to watch. The same applies to films in the cinema.

10. Be submissive.

Do nothing, no matter what he does not want you to do with him, and never complain. If your man does not want to watch one football with you or wants to go out for a drink with friends, then his rules should be followed. It will bring you both happiness.

11. Be wild in bed.

Lure him. If your man loves sexy underwear, then always wear it. Be shy and shy in the company of other people, but when night falls and the lights go out, it is the turn of the wild. Know only he can make you happy, so let him know that he is the only person in the world for you.

12. Know at least something about sports.

If you know at least a couple of things about football, Formula 1 and other sports, then this is a good topic for discussion. Always let him start the discussion.

13. Stay fit.

He should proudly call you his partner, so stay tuned and dress beautifully.

14. Keep things clean.

Never leave dirt in your home – keep your home in perfect cleanliness. By doing this, your man will always be with you. He should not waste time looking for clean socks and underwear. When you finish washing, be sure to make sure his shirts are well ironed.

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