Time is merciful, and sooner or later it takes away our closest ones, and among them the dearest and dearest person, our mother. She is the only person in the world, the most special person, because she gives us life, grows and pays attention to price in her own years. Yes, all real mothers do this, but the contribution to our development and life cannot be compared with anything. She is by the bed when we are sick, she is by the window, when we do not come to sleep without warning, she is the happiest in all our victories in life!

And we … rarely say trivial tender words that we love her, that she is the most needed and most wonderful. Think about it …

Everything happens in life, and we are sometimes excessively cruel when we can throw a cruel phrase in our hearts, wounding it to tears. Someday she will leave, and more than anything, we will regret that we did not manage to ask her forgiveness for such words …

1. “I have no time”

Mom bore you for 9 months, did not sleep at night when you were a baby, worked two jobs to pay for your English tutor … I got up at dawn, and at night cooked borscht and twisted jars of pickles, although I wanted to lie down and … die. Well, or just not talking to anyone. She always listened to your stories, regretted, warmed her love and … never once answered your request with the phrase: “I have no time.”

2. “I hate you”

And she loves you. No matter what. Whoever you are: a successful businessman, disappearing on business trips for months, a modest clerk, or just a complete loser, asking for money from retired parents.

3. “I will not eat it!”

Well, get up and cook yourself (yourself)! To cook this modest dinner, mom stood at the stove for several hours. I do not like? Try it, it suddenly works better ?!

4. “You raised me like that”

Maybe mother made mistakes in her upbringing (she punished too harshly, did not pay enough attention), but she sincerely tried to make of you a person with a capital “Ch”. And since you understand that you have flaws, nothing prevents you from working on yourself.

5. “You Never Loved a Father”

If you didn’t love, you wouldn’t be born …

6. “Father did the right thing to abandon you.”

This is the worst thing you can say to a woman. Once your mother met your father and loved him very much. So much that I wanted a child from him. So you were born. Both parents made mistakes. When the father left his mother, she suffered very much, but tried her best not to show it. And cried into the pillow at night. And maybe still crying …

7. “You still do not understand”

What if so? Mom always tries to understand you, and sometimes to find an excuse.

8. “You read too little”

“Do you know how many advertisements I read to find this tiny apartment in which you have been so comfortable for many years? And how many recipes I read to make it delicious … “

9. “You are uneducated. Even the institute did not graduate. Do not go! ”

But my mother went through such a school of life that you never dreamed of! And by the way, with my “uneducated mind” I found a way to earn money for your brilliant education.

10. “Sorry, I will not come for your birthday / New Year / March 8 …”

Any mother is shocked when she finally realizes that her beloved child has become quite an adult. For the past 20 years (and sometimes more!) All her thoughts were only about you. How to live further? .. Gradually, mothers learn to take care of themselves only again, but they still await your arrival with special trepidation and impatience.

11. “I did not call because I was very busy”

And my mother was sick, lonely, barely reached the salary / pension and borrowed money from her neighbor Zinka for the third time in a month …

12. “You did not give me enough love”

Loved as best she could … Maybe not as much as you wanted, but with all my heart …

13. “You look very bad”

Mom is, first of all, a woman, and therefore criticism about her appearance is very painful. And then, perhaps, she does not attend the SPA simply because she does not have enough money for this ?!

14. “On vacation, I will go to the sea, not to you.”

It’s a pity, because she is now especially lonely and wants to return at least for a couple of days at a time when the rooms were filled with laughter, the whole family was sitting at the table, and in the wardrobe it was … well, just a rolling ball!

15. “You ruined my life. You are not my mother. “

You can’t say that to your mom. You can’t do that. No comments.

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