In order to evaluate a man as a sexual partner, a couple of seconds is enough for me. He has just waved my hand at the top, and I’m going, for example, on an escalator. And after a couple of steps I will already know for sure: do you want to go to bed with him or not? Everything else is a ritual dance and a tribute to decency, pacification of instinct or indulgence.

In principle, this law applies to all ladies, with only one exception.

Baba-ATM, in which sexual desire begins only when you insert a banknote. Such an excitement really needs to be presented with a watch, a car, cufflinks … However, for the vast majority of normal girls, it is enough for the potential lover to be adequate and unmarried.

I don’t have a single friend who would look at cufflinks or try to rate a watch to figure out whether to sleep with this guy or not. The country of victorious feminism can be said.

Therefore, in a big city there is always a great chance to meet a handsome man in all respects, whose financial capabilities are slightly lower than yours. This is especially common in the summer, when it is warm outside, hormones play, and cars are desperately swinging in the nearest forest plantations.

I am not talking about such contrasts as a male janitor and a female market director. I’m talking about when people have approximately the same education, they are engaged in about the same thing, but the woman suddenly turned out to be a little faster, a little more talented, or she had a better start, and now bang: she has a higher salary, sometimes several times.

At some point, it becomes obvious: either he will have to save in order to take out her usual needs, or she will have to get along, lower the usual quality of life and rest, so that his male self-esteem does not suffer.

It would seem – there is an obvious way out: a woman to split the costs in half! Brilliant and simple! You don’t have to give up a good option (and if this is a bad option, what are you doing next to him?) A man doesn’t eat a doshirak for a week to walk with her, and a woman does not bend so that she “doesn’t sting the ceiling”.

It seems to me fair and acceptable for two adults. And they have been doing it in the west for so long. I read a study that 44% of men in the west refuse to meet a girl who refuses to take half of the costs. But for some reason, our women (and men too) are afraid of sharing costs like fire! This is a real mystery to me.

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