Quite often you can hear from women complaints that next to them is not the man with whom you feel like a woman. The fact that a man is not capable of making responsible decisions, which always acts with an eye on the opinions of others. In the end, they complain that their husbands have low self-esteem.

Of course, self-esteem is formed mainly in adolescence, however, it can also be raised in adulthood. And the wife in this case like no one else has every opportunity to do it. If a man in childhood did not have decent role models, did not have those who would support, then the wife for a man can become the person who will help to look to the future with his head held high. True, this process is lengthy and will require labor and patience from the woman.

One of the best means to raise self-esteem is praise. However, there are some nuances.

• You need to praise in moderation 
• You need to do this sincerely 
• You need to praise only those actions that are really important to you and are beneficial to your relationship.

In general, the rule is simple – praise what you want to see in your husband. The main thing is not to overdo it, because praise, like medicine, ceases to act in large doses. 
The second thing you need to start doing a woman is to start not just to reckon with his opinion, but to find out and appeal to him. You should never forget to consult with him in all matters to which he is at least somehow involved. There should be no exceptions, once is enough for him to start accusing you of secrecy and of not being interested in his opinion.

The third important rule is to constantly ask the man for help! Even where you could handle it yourself. Any man loves to feel needed, to feel like a knight. Lying idle on the couch, men gradually forget about their purpose. Your task is to remind him of this. For a man, the help and care of a beloved woman is something that greatly raises him in his eyes and in the eyes of others.

Here, however, it is worth noting that your man is unlikely to immediately rejoice that he began to pull. A positive result will not be immediately, but you should not stop.

Finally, I must say that if you want to see a strong and confident man next to you, then you yourself must correspond to such an ideal. Otherwise, even if you make an ideal out of your husband, he may, in the end, decide that he deserves the best. So, working on your loved one, work on yourself.

How to improve the self-esteem of a loved man?

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