8 lessons of relationships that you need to learn by age 35. Whether you have found love or are still looking for it, we always have something to learn. And most likely we have not yet learned the next few main lessons that life very often teaches us, but we refuse to accept them.

1. Lack of response is the answer.

If you write or call a person, for example, offer to meet, but he does not answer, then you are not interested in him. Silence is not a sign of consent in this case, but a sign of rejection. A person is simply afraid to directly refuse, hurt your feelings, wants to avoid tantrums.

2. There is no such thing as “We need to talk for the last time.”

Often people try to arrange such a farewell conversation, a meeting when they part. But this is pointless. If it’s all over, then it’s all over.

If you want to say something, write it in the message. And do not wait for an answer, do not expect him to change his mind that you will change his mind with your tears at a meeting.

3. There is no 100% confidence in human loyalty .

If he is faithful to you now, this does not mean that he will remain so. Men have more options, and when the wife begins to cut it over time, allows herself to be demanding or a bitch, then he always has the opportunity to find himself young and carefree. Do not forget about the midlife crisis.

4. Relationships and marriage are two different things.

If you started a conversation about your future, and he did not answer specifically, this does not mean that he is not going to marry you. It’s just that at the moment he’s not ready for this, and there may be many reasons that do not concern you.

It is one thing when a man says that he does not want a relationship, and another – that he does not want a wedding.

5. Trust your intuition.

If he writes to you only in the middle of the night, offers to meet at the last moment, by the age of 35 you should already understand that something is wrong here. The time for such men has passed.

6. You are not alone because you yourself have decided so .

If by the age of 35 you like to be alone, but you meet with someone regularly, then you DO NOT like to be alone. Stop lying to yourself, stop justifying yourself with a career and ambitions. Surely you have personal problems or you are too picky.

7. There is such a thing as a caste dating system.

This means that people should meet as part of their caste, just like in school: handsome men with handsome men, ordinary men with ordinary men.

If you have extra pounds and you don’t dress well, then do not expect that you will meet a pumped-up stylish guy.

8. If you were invited on a date, this does not mean that the person is interested.

Someone just wants to spend time not alone, someone wants sex, someone wants a free dinner.

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