100% signs that give a single woman. We no longer complain. Do not hide. Do not get drunk on him. Yes, we are alone. Yes, we have a feeling that we have no one. Even if we have someone. We talk about it as an allergy to poplar fluff:

– Imagine, I grabbed it again yesterday … – What are you, you … don’t start it …

We get married, twist novels, add friends on social networks. We even have a damn butcher shop where we bought pork tenderloin three years ago.

girl, loneliness

We discuss semi-important topics in half-native language without problems with semi-strangers.

We are confident in ourselves and are not afraid of anything but terminal cancer, calcaneal tickling and … absolute silence.

Lonely girls love autumn.

Because only at this time of the year their internal weather ideally coincides with the external. It coincides globally with frontal metaphors, such as “thunderstorm-tears.”

Lonely girls have dinner in bed.

Usually – barely warm food, impatiently removed from the microwave two and a half minutes before the final signal. They love shaggy bathrobes, white walls and fall asleep under the tambourine of the TV on. With a phone on an adjacent pillow.

Lonely girls fall in love easily and love a lot .

After all, only having experienced complete autonomy, one can learn to give oneself without looking back, and not cling desperately to random men.

Lonely girls are friendly.

They usually have a lot of buddies, acquaintances, fans. Here is a paradox: only in patients with loneliness it’s great to save others from loneliness.

Lonely girls like to walk long and fast.

They hide their hands in their pockets. Remember sensations. They pretend to be in a hurry. They buy apples from grandmothers in the markets – so that later they don’t know where to put them.

Lonely girls peer curiously at passers-by.

Listen to their conversations. Tastefully recall childhood. All the time looking for someone in the crowd. Lonely girls dream of traveling. Only not close, not comfortable, not planned.

Lonely girls are distracted.

Lose umbrellas. Smoke a lot. It’s easy to talk about death. They look anxious and hard. Confused numbers of minibuses, telephones, passports.

Lonely girls stand out from the crowd.

Individuality is the result of a long and close communication of a person with himself. People in companies very quickly turn into unbearable bores with the same iPhones and parasitic words.

Lonely girls like to buy gifts.

Pick them out. Tie beautiful golden bows. Sign postcards. Wait for christmas. Because Christmas is another chance to change everything.

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