Empathetic women want to love and be loved.

They long for pure, honest, deep and unconditional love. A love that transcends all boundaries. They want to be with someone they can connect to on a deep emotional, mental, and spiritual level. They want to be with a man with whom they can feel free to be themselves and who wants to get to know them to the core.

An empathic woman would never settle for a mediocre or one-sided relationship . Because if this woman loves, she loves wholeheartedly and unconditionally. She gives her love to her partner and makes sure he knows how much he means to her.

It sounds like she’s the perfect person to have a relationship with, right? But how is it that many of these women find it hard to find the right love? Or should one ask oneself better, “Why is it so hard for most men to deal with an empathic woman?”

For some it may be their hypersensitive nature and for others the complexity, intensity and depth of their love. Regardless of the reason, dating an empathic woman can be challenging for some men.

And here are 10 reasons why this is the case:

1. She is intense.

Empathic people create deep and meaningful relationships with the people around them. They always form a deep and intense relationship with their family, friends, work colleagues or partner. However, some men find this intensity too overwhelming.

2. She is too honest.

While most people tend to tell white lies from time to time and prefer to be lied to instead of experiencing the bitter truth, a female empath will never lie.

This woman talks to her partner about just about everything. She is always open with him and never beautifies her words, no matter how hard or painful they may be for her partner.

Many men who are with a female empath and do not know how to deal with their honesty, unfortunately leave the relationship very quickly.

3. She either wants everything or nothing from her partner.

An empathic woman wants her husband to give her the same attention, love, and appreciation she brings him. She would never be content to be in a one-sided relationship.

She would never be with someone who does not fully invest in the relationship. For if this woman loves, she loves with every part of her being and she demands of her partner that he loves her in the same way.

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4. She is more independent than the average woman.

An empathic woman knows what she wants in life and how to get it. When she is having a difficult time in her life, she does not wait for her husband to solve their problems and magically make all their worries disappear. Instead, she does her best to find a way to deal with them alone.

The fact that she does not depend much on others makes her partner feel useless sometimes.

5. It can be very persistent.

Once she chooses to achieve something, an empathic woman will not let up until she gets it. She never gives up and is a real fighter. Men who like to have control in a relationship will not be able to stand such behavior.

However, the persistence of this woman can be a really good thing when it comes to her love life. Because if you like a man, then she tries to conquer him by any means. They are not waiting for him to take the first step. And if she is in a relationship, she will fight with all her strength for her partner.

The man who is already with this kind of woman should know that he is lucky because she will never let him go.

6. She guards her heart.

An empathic woman has been through many toxic relationships and her heart has been broken too often. That’s why she built high walls around her heart and it takes time to talk about her feelings again.

This does not mean, however, that she will never again be able to love, for only the man who will be patient and kind to her, will be able to break those walls and make her believe in love again.

7. She attaches great importance to responsibility.

An empathic woman wants to be with someone who is a man of honesty and always keeps his word. So, if her partner promises her something, then he should realize it. When he tells her that she means the world to him, he has to prove that he really means it and always behaves like that.

Men who are capricious, irresponsible, and show affection only occasionally will never have the chance to be with an empathic woman.

8. She questions everything.

An empathic woman never accepts things the way they are. She always tries to find a deeper meaning behind everything. This habit of questioning everything is overwhelming for some men and they do not know how to handle it.

9. It can recognize the true personality and intentions of a person.

Female empathies are able to feel the feelings, energy and thoughts of other people. You can easily expose someone’s true intentions and recognize lies very quickly.

So when they realize that their partner is manipulating, lying, or even cheating on them, they will not hesitate to leave. Selfish and dishonest men do not deserve a place in their lives.

10. She knows what she wants and what does not.

This woman knows what she wants in life and, above all, with what kind of man she wants to be together. Love has burned her heart many times, so she makes sure she stays away from immature, false, manipulative and venomous men.

She knows how she deserves to be treated and she would never let her husband play little mind games with her, taking her for granted or playing with her feelings.

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