People with Alpha personalities are characterized as strongindependentambitious and sometimes intimidating to other people.

This kind of personality is not easy to handle and most people don’t get why Alpha personalities act as they do. Sometimes, even Alphas don’t get why other people are intimidated by them and why they feel so threatened by their presence.

If you think no one gets you and your behavior, you probably do some of these 5 things which confirm you are an Alpha personality.

1. You love the control

You are a born leader. I know this sentence is cheesy and worn out but it is totally true. You can’t resist taking control over things happening in your life and lives around you.

Anytime there is a need for a leader, you will step in because that is something completely natural and normal to you.

You stand out in a crowd because you are overly ambitious and you always strive for more.

This is where the problem is—people often think of you as intimidating and pushy. They think you meddle in everything where there’s no need to meddle. They don’t get that you are simply like that.

You are a true leader and most importantly, you’re good at it.    

2. You have natural confidence

People think you are arrogant and that you give yourself too much importance, but once again, you were like that from the moment you were born and you can’t help yourself.

There is nothing in this world you’re ashamed of. Everything you do or say, you will back up. You know you’ve got reason to walk the streets proudly and with no regrets.

You know that making mistakes will teach you not to do the same thing again.

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3. In your book, ‘actions speak louder than words’

Overanalyzing what people say or text you doesn’t interest you at all. You will be polite and you will text them back, but their words won’t impress you much.

What does impress you is people’s behaviors and your face-to-face interactions with them. Only then, can you see the true personality hiding behind someone’s face.

Yes—you’re that good!

4. You only have a few true friends

Although you are fun to be around and those who hang out with you genuinely like you, there are only a few people in your universe you can trust completely.

When you are around them, you can let your guard down because you feel safe and you trust them. And yes, even Alpha personalities need to feel safe and nourished from time to time. They are strong, but they are humans, as the rest of us.

You are aware only your real friends will stay by your side through thick and thin.  

5. You’d rather stay single than be with someone who doesn’t get you

You want to share your dreams and hopes with the person by your side. You want them to be equal to you and not to compete with you. You can’t stand people who cling on to you and who depend on you because your personality is totally different.

You want someone who can say they WANT you and not that they NEED you.

Until you find the right person to be with you, you will stay single because you are strong and you don’t care—and you most definitely can handle it.

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