What you want: Someone completely unpredictable and mysterious- who makes you feel like they’ll never really let you inside their head. Someone who keeps parts of themselves hidden and guarded so that when you are the one to discover them, you feel validated. Someone who makes themselves a challenge.

What you need: Someone who is spontaneous without being completely erratic. Someone who is supportive of your newest idea and will help you find ways to achieve it. Someone who lets you run wild with all your thoughts and dreams, but reminds you to check in with reality every once in awhile.


What you want: Someone who is endlessly patient so that you can test their limits. Someone who has an innocence to them that you’re intrigued by, and want to crack. Someone who is willing to run themselves ragged trying to keep up with you and all your adventurous ideas.

What you need: Someone who can’t be pushed by your tactics. Someone who is just as intellectually stimulating as you are, but who won’t stand for your games. Someone who is open-minded and ready to take on the world, not be dragged behind you as you try to do the same.


What you want: Someone who matches the ideal romance you’ve envisioned in your mind. Someone who seems like they are holding onto a secret that you so desperately want to uncover. Someone who makes every single day feel like a fairytale.

What you need: Someone who pushes you to think outside of your comfort zone. Someone who is actually put together and is more than willing to let you have your moments with your head in the clouds, but who also reminds you to come back to Earth every once in a while. Someone who may not make life seem like a romantic comedy, but shows you how awesome life can be anyway, with all its mess and mistakes.


What you want: Someone who relentlessly pursues you. Someone who manages to put in all of the effort so that you don’t have to. Someone who makes it a little too easy to stay aloof and in your own world.

What you need: Someone who actually makes you want to put in effort. Someone who makes the idea of spending time with them seem more appealing than spending all of it by yourself. Someone who matches your level of intellect yet pushes you outside of your comfort zone every now and again.


What you want: Someone who allows you to “save” them. Someone who makes you feel constantly needed and valuable. Someone who doesn’t mind letting you organize their life and circumstances- because what better way to show you care than to do everything for them?

What you need: Someone who doesn’t need you, but honestly wants you. Someone who is also put together in their goals and dreams, but takes your hand and asks you to come along for the ride. Someone who reminds you to take care of yourself too.


What you want: Someone who lets you idealize the relationship the moment you step foot into it. Someone who screams of so much potential that you can’t help but plan out your futures immediately. Someone who doesn’t exactly want to settle down or commit- but you want to be the one that changes their mind.

What you need: Someone who provides a balance for you. Someone who isn’t afraid to commit to you, even if they’re nervous about the idea of commitment. Someone who makes you feel like you’re both invested and both on the same page about things.


What you want: Someone who is compliant with the things you want. Someone who doesn’t argue with you, and allows you to be the final word in the argument. Someone who allows you to always take the lead and never questions it.

What you need: Someone who isn’t afraid to dispute something you’ve said if it goes against their ideas or boundaries. Someone who is willing to support and care about your ambitions without letting you steamroll them. Someone who isn’t afraid to try and access that soft side of you that we all know exists and bring it out.


What you want: Someone who everyone wants, but no one has been able to get. Someone who everyone in your life approves of and is socially acceptable to pretty much anyone they meet. Someone who finds themselves leaning on you because they are a bit scattered, and you’re the only who holds them together.

What you need: Someone who appreciates your stability, but doesn’t require it to function. Someone who pulls you out of your shell and causes you to experience life, while also understanding and appreciating your traditions and routines. Someone who makes you feel as if you can open yourself up to them without compromising who you are.


What you want: Someone who allows you to constantly put in the effort, because you enjoy pouring yourself into people without requiring much in return. Someone who lets you take care of them. Someone who lets you be their superhero.

What you need: Someone who isn’t afraid to put in just as much effort as you do. Someone who is willing to open up to you without you have to pry it out of them. Someone who doesn’t allow you to keep the whole weight of the world on your shoulders while allowing you to shine in the areas you are best at.


What you want: Someone who claims to need you to figure out who they are. Someone who constantly feels distant so that you don’t get too attached- because no one can hurt you if you aren’t too invested. Someone who stirs up all of those intense emotions you are constantly processing every day of your life.

What you need: Someone who is your best friend. Someone who knows what it means to stay, even when things get messy or difficult. Someone who has seen all of your faults and cracks and still want to stand by your side at the end of it all.


What you want: Someone who immediately devotes all their attention to you within seconds of meeting you. Someone who swoons over you when you pull stunts or try to show off. Someone who is consistently stroking your ego without you even having to try.

What you need: Someone who isn’t afraid to call you out on your erratic behavior. Someone who challenges you and implores what the underlying motive is for why you do what you do. Someone who isn’t afraid to see all the dark parts of your personality, and sticks around anyways. Someone who lets you run wild, but desires to be your safe place to come home to at the end of the day.


What you want: Someone who wants the same things you do- meaning something casual and easy to detach from. Someone who doesn’t smother you or try to be something more. Someone who is already in your circle of people and easy to connect with.

What you need: Someone who isn’t afraid to express themselves and their feelings to you, even at the risk of it overwhelming you initially. Someone who isn’t afraid to be honest and upfront about who they are- and causes you to actually want to know exactly who that is. Someone who knows when to give you your space- but who also knows when to give you love and devotion in the right amounts.


What you want: Anyone who you have even the slightest attraction to. Someone who is face paced and is quick to jump from scene to scene, avoiding boredom at all costs. Someone who excites you and makes you feel something intense every minute of every day.

What you need: Someone who is patient enough to stick around when things get hard. Someone who is able to show you that being stable doesn’t mean being boring. Someone who makes you want to set aside all of the options your constantly shuffling through for even a little while.


What you want: Someone who gives you space. Like, a lot of space, so much so that it could be debated on whether you’re actually in a relationship at all. Someone who is perfectly fine letting you remain distant.

What you need: Someone who manages to break down the walls you’ve so meticulously put up. Someone who isn’t frustrated with you being passive, because they know how your mind works and the kind of person you are. Someone who supports your artistic side and is ready to stand by your side as you pursue them, while also putting you at ease about letting your guard down.


What you want: Someone who is incredibly goal-oriented and matches you stride for stride. Someone who is just as assertive and sure of themselves as you are, because as far your concerned, no one will match up with you better than someone just like you

What you need: Someone who is modest, but still confident in their ideas and accomplishments. Someone who isn’t afraid to challenge you and the way you think. Someone who isn’t intimidated by you, but allows your dominance to encourage them in their own pursuits while causing you to want to be an even better version of yourself than you thought possible.


What you want: Someone who argues with you. Someone you have a hard time figuring out because you don’t want to be bored or stagnant. Someone who lets you analyze them to a fault while you remain intensely guarded.

What you need: Someone who causes you to set aside logic for a moment and go with your feelings. Someone who is searching to better themselves and chase their goals, while encouraging you to do the same. Someone who isn’t afraid of breaking down your walls and helping you unlock parts of yourself you never even realized existed.

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