You can love or hate her. There is no in between.

She is not for everybody and not everybody can get her. She has a unique sense of humor, and she’s highly intelligent. If you want to meddle with her, you’ll have to play by her rules.

Often people don’t get the way these gals joke around and the way they think. Those more thin-skinned get offended by their comments and their behavior. That’s why she is not meant for everyone.

On the other hand, dating a sarcastic girl can be the best thing that has happened to you. Often, guys can’t resist dating such a sassy and brutally honest girl because she is a challenge they have to take.

If they succeed, this is why their relationship with a sarcastic girl will be the relationship of their lives:

1. She is smart

Meaning, she is smarter than the rest. And since intelligence is the new sexy, who could resist such a girl?

Her behavior and her sense of humor automatically makes her look hotter. She doesn’t even have to be that good looking, but that sarcastic personality which challenges you to wrestle with it makes her look like a million dollars.

2. She doesn’t get offended easily

She is used to cracking jokes at someone else’s expense, and she can take it when someone does the same to her. She gets it that it’s all a joke. It’s all just good fun.

She is smart enough to understand that when someone teases her, they probably like her and want her to react to it, and she doesn’t get offended.

3. She is creative

When you think of it, it’s true. So many famous people such as artists are known for their specific type of humor. They are known to be sarcastic and joke at their own and someone else’s expense.

This is actually scientifically proven, and you can judge for yourself because your sarcastic girl probably has a talent or two.

4. She won’t tell you, ‘I love you’

She is different, and you know it by now. She won’t display her affection in an ordinary way. When people fall in love, they say to the person they love, ‘I love you’. But she won’t do that.

She won’t be like everyone else. She’ll show it to you, or she’ll let you know but in a weird way and never with those three particular words.

5. She’s straight up honest

She will speak what’s on her mind, and she’ll never hold back because the truth is, she doesn’t care what others think. She doesn’t care if you get offended because if you do and she did nothing wrong, she’ll see that you’re not the guy for her.

Someone who gets her won’t get offended. Someone who gets her will appreciate her telling the truth because they know she is only trying to help. She is only trying to save you from future pain and regret.

6. She doesn’t care about her looks

You won’t see her that much in front of a mirror. You won’t see her sitting in front of her closet trying to figure out what to wear.

She’ll wear what she feels like wearing because she’s not obsessed with her physical appearance. She is like that when it comes to guys, too.

She doesn’t care how you look as long as you have a good personality. That’s what she cares about the most.

7. She is socially intelligent

Aside from the regular intelligence, she is also socially intelligent. She know how to act around people, and she won’t be making stupid mistakes.

People love being around her because she gives them a feeling of security, and she appears to be a good listener.

She has no problem approaching people, and she’s definitely not shy.

8. She is spontaneous

She’ll do things on the spur of the moment. When there is something she wants to do, she won’t think twice about it.

When she sees a guy she likes, she’ll immediately flirt with him because in her mind, he is already hers.

She makes fast decisions, and her life is full of excitement. So will be yours if you date her.

9. She is thick-skinned

There are a lot of things she can take. Being sarcastic and all, she’s learned to let go of the small stuff and doesn’t let them bother her.

She knows how to take a punch, and she knows how to get back up on her feet. If you’re sick of dating soft and delicate women, date a sarcastic girl. She is even more manly than you are. She is strong AF.

10. She is just awesome

You can talk about pretty much anything you want with her. She has an open mind to everything, and she’ll hear you out every time you want to say something.

She may not always agree, but that’s a good thing because she sticks to her principles, and she has her own opinions.

She is fun to be around, and her killer sense of humor will make you roll on the floor with laughter.

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