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Ever heard of Myers and Briggs personality types, also known as MBTI? If not, take a test and see what personality type describes your character. Then take a look below to find out the best way to learn a language FOR YOU! According to your personality type!

1. ESTJ “Overseer”

ESTJs are organised and logical. At the same time, they value experience over theory. When it comes to language learning, they’re good at grammar, but only if it comes with practice. So, if you’re this type, you should do practice as much as you can. And since you’re also an extrovert, speaking with people in real-time situations is your best bet to learn efficiently.

2. ESFJ “Supporter”

ESFJs have one goal in life. That is to love others, to support them and just be there for them. As a language learner, ESFJ will benefit from learning in a group of people. Supporters will enjoy the learning process and, on top of that, glue all the other learners in the group together. It’s an absolute win-win. So, join a group of language learners and start talking to them!

3. ISTJ “Examiner”

Examiners are hard-working duty lovers. Do you know that gal who just doesn’t procrastinate? She must be an ISTJ. If you’re one of them, you’re probably good at discipline. You can set yourself to spend 2 hours every day practising a foreign language and then do it until you’re fluent. You should definitely exploit this trait by speaking with others in your target language.

4. ISFJ “Defender”

Just like the name says, ISFJs are all about the common good and helping others. They are compassionate and kind. Aside from that, they are good at remembering things. Especially, things that are important to them and their values. Since they notice and care about needs of others, their memory works best when working with people. That’s why the best way to learn a language for ISFJ is by practising with other people!

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5. ESTP “Persuader”

ESTPs are people of action. They strive in stressful situations. They always try to keep themselves busy and on the go. Learning a foreign language might be difficult for them because they desire quick results. However, if you’re an ESTP willing to acquire a new language, you can make it easier by surrounding yourself with people. This way you’ll keep yourself busy with social interactions and gain language skills on the go.

6. ESFP “Entertainer”

Entertainers are always in the centre. They love to be among people and they want their attention. Potential new experience always draws ESFPs. Maybe that’s the reason you decided to learn a language in the first place? Since you hate being alone, you should make sure to never learn a language solo. Language learning is a great opportunity to meet new people. So, learn the first 100 words and start talking to your new friends in your target language!

7. ISTP “Craftsman”

As someone who loves all things technical and mechanical, most ISTPs aren’t fond of the prospect of language learning. They love action, adventure and challenge. Especially if the challenge is intellectual, rather than social. However, language learning is a great way to step out of your comfort zone. Therefore, a social challenge is a good learning approach. And it’s efficient if you can combine it with your love for adventure. So, make friends with other language learners or native speakers and practice while travelling!

8. ISFP “Artist”

ISFPs have high sensitivity and perception. Therefore, such people probably have well developed visual or acoustic memory. This means that the best way to learn a language for an artist is to use media and arts. Watch movies, listen to music, talks, performances and so on. Artists are usually private, yet they act in a way that brings the best possible benefit to everyone. Therefore, ISFP should also practice in a group and improve together.

9. ENTJ “Chief”

ENTJs are the leaders, good at coordinating groups of people. They’re also good at discussing with other people and leading a debate. On top of that, ENTJs loves to express their ideas. It’s only natural that they should use these traits for language acquisition. The best way to learn a language is to use it for discussion and communication. So, if you’re a chief, find someone who knows the language and do what you do best.

10. ENTP “Originator”

New ideas often come from ENTPs. They love to tread new paths. They feel best when they have freedom to act and work according to their own judgement. And if you try to argue with them, they’ll say “bring it on“. So, ENTPs will learn the most efficiently when presented with a challenge. A problem to solve, a solution to find, a strategy to develop. And where to find such challenges? In discussions with other people, of course!

11. INTJ “Strategist”

INTJs are analytical and confident. They constantly analyse everything and evaluate their current strategies in relation to other possibilities. These people will naturally find the best way to learn a language on their own if they have time and motivation. However, if you’re an INTJ and you want a lead, start from speaking practice with other people.

12. INTP “Engineer”

INTPs love theories and learning how things work. When learning a language, they might be especially interested in rules and exceptions to them. They aren’t outgoing, however, they’re good at debate. So, communication is a good opportunity to put theoretical knowledge to use. They like to focus on a single subject and delve deep into any topic. This makes every conversation a challenge for both INTP and their company, pushing boundaries of everyone’s language knowledge indefinitely.

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13. ENFJ “Mentor”

ENFJ finds fulfilment by helping other people grow and giving them something they lack. ENFJs are probably better at teaching a language than at learning another one. However, when people are learning together, they also teach each other, whether they want it or not. Therefore, ENFJ will eagerly learn any language when he or she does it in a group of new friends – language learners.

14. ENFP “Advocate”

Advocate is spontaneous, passionate and charismatic. If you’re one, you probably like to express yourself and attract others to your cause. You also enjoy being with people. That’s why you need others to learn your target language with. This way learning will be exciting instead of tedious. On top of that, you love to experience as much as you can. So, you should consider travelling as a way to practice more.

15. INFJ “Confidant”

INFJs are very private, intuitive and sensitive people who care to help others. As language learners, their strength lies in devotion to their goals. Motivation helps with their fear to do something wrong. (And making mistakes is the process of language learning.) The best way to learn a language as INFJ is to use content that you care about. Practising with other learners or native speakers is a good way to break the ice and connect with people, too.

16. INFP “Dreamer”

INFPs are people who want to know their purpose more than most. They are often talented language learners and writers, so writing practice comes to them naturally. If learning gets boring, INFPs have a hard time coping with it, because they aren’t good at doing what they don’t like. That’s why dreamers should make sure they alternate their learning methods and have fun. Among many ways to do it, talking and chatting to other people is probably the best bet.

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