We all know our zodiac signs can tell us some pretty interesting things, but I am sure no one has ever been able to do this. Your zodiac Valentine’s day horoscope is going to be something you might struggle to forget.

Below you will find a list of zodiac signs. Take a look and find your own or your partners, the lunar eclipse energy has us all kinds of upside down but in a good way. As individuals we all want different things out of life, this list will consist of things your Valentine’s zodiac is pushing you to go ahead and get.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I could load this list down with actual gifts and be quite specific, but I am not going to do that. While I will give you a general idea, if you are using this to pick something for your significant other you need to remember that the best gifts come from the heart.


The Best And Perfect Gift For Your Valentine Based On His/Her Zodiac Sign.



A night of pampering, no seriously Aries love to be pampered. This is one of the best things you could get or give. The Aries overworks most of the time and so anything that would be relaxing is a wonderful idea.


Flowers and chocolate, yes, the Taurus is a hopeless traditional romantic. He or she loves things like this. All of the smallest gestures make the biggest impact on the Taurus.


A dinner date and a stuffed animal, Gemini’s tend to love stuffed animals and when it comes to going out you cannot go wrong. Pick the Gemini’s favorite place and have at it. He or she will make it a night to remember no matter where you two end up.


Romantic dinner at home, Cancer’s love spending time with those who matter to them. If you are a Cancer you know that the idea of your significant other planning a meal and preparing it for you makes your heart flutter. You love being thought of in ways like this.


Now, with the Leo things can be a bit complicated. The Leo loves extravagant gifts but is also not as picky as he or she seems. If you are a Leo chances are you’ve already been dropping hints as to what you want. That being said, even if you don’t get that new car or diamond ring you will still be happy, just not as happy.


Virgo’s don’t want anyone buying them anything. They want to shower their partner with gifts but don’t want anything in return. The best thing you can give a Virgo is something he or she can use in their everyday life. I know this is a broad spectrum but that is all I have on them. They are odd, I can tell you that much.


The Libra would love a massage whether he or she will admit it or not. This could be a fancy massage or even one you do yourself. Spending a little time in an intimate setting with the Libra is something he or she will never forget.


Wine or alcohol, in general, is a good gift for the Scorpio in your life. Scorpio’s love to have a good time and what is a good time without something to spice things up? A bottle of wine and a sexy evening is all he or she needs.


Candles and all things that smell good are perfect for the Sagittarius. If you are a Sagittarius chances are you love smelling things that remind you of memories of places and people from your past. This might sound weird but to the Sag it makes perfect sense. They are candle addicts.


The Capricorn loves books and would prefer someone buying them a book that they have read and enjoyed versus something a person ‘thought they might like.’ They want to read something that spoke to you. Something you really resonated with and would read again. These kinds of things stand out to the Capricorn.


The Aquarius is hard to buy for. To be honest, I would get the Aquarius a nice card, chocolates, and a gift card to his or her favorite store. Being able to pick out your own gifts makes everything better depending on how you look at it.


The Pieces loves video games so much that buying him or her a new one is clearly the best option. The hard part is figuring out which game to buy. If you are struggling with this take to social media and look at what this person is sharing, there will be clues.

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