We’re excited to share the launch of our 16 Myers-Briggs type pages! The most commonly asked questions about each of the Myers-Briggs personality types are answered and put them into one place just for you.

Not sure what the Myers-Briggs assessment is? Watch the 3 min. explainer video here. 

When you take the Myers-Briggs assessment online through MBTIOnline.com, you get access to the information portal with over 100 pages worth of type related information that dives deeper into each of these topics and gives you actionable plans for improvement.

But if you just want an overview of each of the Myers-Briggs personality types, you can find that information below. In addition, you can now easily share your Myers-Briggs type and what stresses you out via Facebook from the type page.

The 16 Myers-Briggs Types

ISTJ – The Responsible Realist

ISFJ – The Practical Helper

INFJ – The Insightful Visionary

INTJ – The Conceptual Planner

ISTP – The Logical Pragmatist

ISFP – The Versatile Supporter

INFP – The Thoughtful Idealist

INTP – The Objective Analyst

ESTP – The Energetic Problem-Solver

ESFP – The Enthusiastic Improvisor

ENFP – The Imaginative Motivator

ENTP – The Enterprising Explorer

ESTJ – The Efficient Organizer

ESFJ – The Supportive Contributor

ENFJ – The Compassionate Facilitator

ENTJ – The Decisive Strategist

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