Relationship Guidance for the ESTJ

You put so much faith in logic and reason that you may find yourself alienating those that you care about. Although you understand your own feelings and have a fair ability to decipher another person’s emotional state, you lack the impulse to offer emotional support. This, paired with your blunt nature, may cause you to seem cold and unfeeling during a situation in which your partner is looking for emotional sensitivity. Where your mate is concerned you might have to make a conscious effort to be an understanding and supportive influence whenever an emotional situation arises.

Your personality type isn’t called “guardian” for nothing. You have a strong impulse to protect and stand up for the people you care about. This impulse may be strongest while dating and then later in the relationship. Family members and romantic partners tend to rank highest for you. Unfortunately, overzealousness in this area can cause some big problems in a romantic relationship. It is one thing to stand up for your partner when someone treats them improperly, but it’s another thing to try to tell them what they can do, where they can go, and who they can hang around with. From your significant other’s perspective, this kind of behavior is controlling and untrusting. Try to refrain from veering into this territory and explain to your partner if you have some genuine concerns about their actions, where they hang out, or the people that they spend time with.

You crave being out in social settings and you rarely mind being the center of attention. You may often ask your significant other to come with you to social gatherings, meetings, classes, and even more traditional events such as a wedding. If your mate is dominated by introversion, then it may be a bit difficult to convince them to join you. It is obvious that while they may be having a good time with you, they may feel slightly out of place. This is quite natural for an introvert. It would be pertinent to bear in mind that social situations draw a lot of energy from an introvert. It is mentally and physically draining and your significant other may need time to recover from such interactions. If possible, try to space out events so that your partner has a chance to recuperate after each occasion.

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