ou just can’t look for a soulmate until you’ve worked on yourself. You can’t expect the person you’ve met to be kind you’ve been dreaming of. So, before you go on a hunt for a soulmate, look into yourself.

Look at your qualities and see if you deserve someone like that in the first place? Are you worthy of meeting your soulmate? We all have our soulmates, that is true. We are all meant for someone, but if we haven’t matured as people yet, we won’t meet them.

So instead of going on a scavenger hunt when dating and jumping into a relationship with the first guy you meet and apparently click with, stay single until you work on yourself. Stay single until you’re perfectly satisfied with who you are and what you’ve become. Until you get to that stage, you’ll always be missing something and you’ll try to find it in another person. Let me tell you right now: that’s not the right way to find your soulmate.

Until you possess at least some of these traits, you won’t be able to find your forever person:

1. Caring

You are not selfish and you genuinely care for someone who is dear to you. You’ll always show compassion and offer help to someone who needs it. You know that you have to take care of yourself, but that is not an excuse to deny help and love to those who need it from you. Once you get to the point where you don’t only think about yourself but others, too, you’ll most likely meet your soulmate.

2. Patience

When something doesn’t go your way, you have to be patient with your partner. You have to show them that you are emotionally mature and that you can solve the problem, including showing understanding. There is no need for yelling and arguing. You have to show that you are a grown-up, ready to talk things out.

3. Independence

You have to be able to live on your own. You have to be independent emotionally and financially. You can’t expect your partner to be the ‘head of the house’. Soulmates do everything together and they enjoy it, but they are mature enough to have fun and function without each other. Clinginess and dependence are not characteristics you should have if you want your soulmate to find you.

4. Non-judgemental

Never judge someone for what they have done. You don’t know what goes on in their heads and in what kind of a situation they are. You don’t know what’s bothering them and you can’t look at life from their perspective, at least not until something similar or the same happens to you. Always show understanding to someone in need without judging them first. And when you finally understand the situation they are in, then you can make a decision.

5. Kindness

Treat others the way you want to be treated. If you act like a jerk, don’t be surprised if you get jerky behavior in return. Show kindness and genuinely care about others, and you’ll get the same in return. The universe works that way. If you don’t want karma to get you back, show the best side of you—even for the ones who don’t deserve it.

6. Listening

You have to listen to what other people tell you. Never talk only about yourself and your own problems. Every person on this planet has something that bothers them and to them, it’s the biggest problem there is. When someone needs your help or wants to get some things off their chest, find time to hear them out. To you, this doesn’t take up much time or effort, and it would mean the world to them.

7. Self-worth

There is nothing more beautiful than a person who is confident. Know your value and never settle for something less. Believe in yourself because you know that you are able to make valid decisions. Trust yourself because no one knows what’s the best for you except yourself. Your high self-worth will make you emotionally stable and when you know what you want from life, you won’t have any problems finding your soulmate.

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