It can be argued that cities, like people, all hold distinctive personalities. To find which one best matches your own personality, take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and then check out which city jives best with your values.

ISFJ – Zurich, Switzerland

If there’s anything an ISFJ likes it’s a clean, well-ordered environment where everyone gets along nicely and everything works the way it should. In the pristine city of Zurich, ISFJs will find themselves perfectly at home. Reserved but polite, the citizens of Switzerland don’t like to raise much of a fuss unless they have to. They go about their days, get business done as they should and then retire to their well-maintained homes with their close-knit families. Ever-neutral Switzerland is the ideal spot for the peace-seeking ISFJ. No fuss, no muss, no hefty disagreements.

ENTP – Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers a diverse fusion of the Eastern and Western worlds, with enough food, entertainment, languages, religions, diversity and opportunity to keep the ENTP intellectually stimulated until the end of time. This type loves exploring new avenues of thought and new methods of experiencing life. The sprawling city of Hong Kong is as diverse as the ENTP’s mind – constantly presenting a new opportunity to learn, progress and change. It is the ideal fit for the ever-evolving existence of the ENTP.

ISTP – Queenstown, New Zealand

Coining itself the “Adrenaline capital of the world,” Queenstown looks like a giant playground to the sensory-oriented ISTP. This type thrives on hands-on activities and is drawn to extreme sports like heli skiing, skydiving, mountain biking and hang gliding. ISTPs can usually be found dangling from cliffs with a Gopro strapped to their head and complete disregard for the rules strapped to their psyche. They’re independent by nature and adventurous in spirit – more or less the precise definition of a Kiwi.

INFP – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tolerance and mutual respect are at the core of Amsterdam’s values, which sits well with the peace-keeping INFP. This type craves harmony, connection and deep analysis of the human condition: All of which present themselves in the eclectic city that is Amsterdam. Once you get past the scandal of the drug scene, you find a fascinating well of culture that resembles the psyche of the INFP: Hesitant and reserved, yet deeply understanding of various forms of life. INFPs find comfort in the liberal values of Amsterdam, while enjoying the space to fully consider their own beliefs and values.

ESTJ – Shanghai, China

Known as the economic, commercial and financial center of China, Shanghai is an ideal fit for the business-savvy ESTJ. This type thrives on efficiency and progression in the workplace, which means they like to move up quickly. Shanghai offers the opportunity for ESTJs to play in the big leagues of international business, while still occasionally letting loose and getting rowdy in one of the many international nightlife districts. This impressive Chinese city places the hard-working ESTJ right in the heart of opportunity.

INTP – Silicon Valley, USA

Not so much a city as a suburb of one, Silicon Valley is an ideal spot for the innovative INTP. This type thrives in intellectually stimulating environments that encourage both logical analysis and creative inspiration. The massive quantity of tech companies and startup businesses in Silicon Valley allows the opportunity for this inquisitive type to thrive. There is no shortage of brainpower in the intellectual district of San Francisco, which means the INTP almost never runs out of new ideas to pick apart.

ESFP – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

ESFPs like it hot – in every sense of the phrase. Rio de Janeiro is alive and thrumming with music, culture, passion and excitement, which is perfect for the vivacious ESFP. This type likes to be where the action is and where the party never stops. Rio de Janeiro provides unlimited opportunity for this people-centered type to mingle, mix and live it up. Plus the mind-blowing backdrop of the city appeals to the aesthetic focus of this sensory-oriented type.

ENTJ – New York, USA

If there’s one thing ENTJs love it’s getting things done – in the most efficient and progressive way possible. This innovative type likes to be exactly where the action is, so that they can analyze the action, come up with a more efficient way to harness it and then turn it into a profitable enterprise that they get to take charge of. What better a place for this progressive type than the center of the world, New York City? They want to be on top of all the latest developments and if there’s one place where the action never stops, it is in the big apple.

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