In the last article I wrote, I gave you the pros and cons of dating a female INTP. But how can you date one if you can’t find her? So today I bring to you some tips on spotting these truth seekers, deep thinkers, and knowledge keepers. You might want to grab a pen and paper, because if you want an INTP female, this will be like a scavenger hunt if you are not prepared. Get your detective skills ready. I am going to give you six locations that will assist in the process of spotting her, identifying her and tracking her down.

  1. Social gatherings. We are not very big on social gatherings. We prefer to be alone most of the time so we can think and get lost in our thoughts, but our friends will occasionally drag us out of our palace- also known as our room. So in a social place, a club, a bar scene, a party, just to name a few, look for the girl chilling in the corner observing everything going on around her. Most of the time, she will not be in the middle of the room partaking in the fun . We like to observe and take in what is going on… analyze the environment. If you see a girl like that, more than likely she is an INTP.  She could also be the one with her friends who is not engaging in small talk and staring off into space.
  1. Dating sites. I have not done in-depth research to see how many of us are on dating sites, however, I know from experience- I was on one for a short period of time. It’s just an educated guess, but I think you’ll have better luck finding an INTP there than at a social gathering, being that we love our room. Just make sure to engage her with questions about the deep mysteries of life or philosophies and theories, and do not bore her with small talk or appeals to emotion. Avoid flattery. If this strikes her interest and she engages in conversation, then you have indeed discovered an INTP.

  1. Internet forums. I really do not need to say much about this one. You can find her on these- ones that are specifically for personality types and pretty much any other ones. She will be the one that may say things that nobody finds funny and still laughs about it. She may be the one to argue a point that she is passionate about, and she will not engage in small talk, only deep things involving logic and theories- emotion is not allowed. Word of caution: some of these forums strictly state they are not pick-up places or dating sites, so enter at your own risk.
  1. The movies. You can find her at the movies. Short and to the point, she will be the one, more than likely, by herself. It won’t be a romantic movie; try drama or science-fiction. She will possibly be sitting in the corner, avoiding the middle at all costs.
  1. The park. If you are a nature person, you can find her at the park. She will be the one lost in a book, or maybe even a few books. There is nothing more to add to that.
  1. The library. Just go to the library. Any girl you see at a table lost in a nonfiction book with a stack of encyclopedias sitting next to her is probably an INTP.

I have given you six places to spot or look for a female INTP. Some commonplace locations and some that maybe you would have never thought of. So happy hunting on finding your magnificent female INTP. Now, I am going back to bury my head in my books. Please, if you have any questions, do ask and I will answer as best as I can from my point of view as a female INTP. Peace.

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