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1. Quit your job if you’re unhappy


It’s not an easy thing to do especially if you have no choice. But, if you get up every morning to the job you hate doing, you’re never going to be happy. Try hard and find something else even if you are not that thrilled about it.

You have to try. Who knows, maybe you will end up landing the job of your dreams.

2. Stay healthy


We are what we eat. Your diet affects your physical and emotional state more than you think. If you’re eating junk, it will make you feel depressed and unhappy. But, if you try eating healthier, it will change the way how you feel.

You’re going to have more energy, and you’re going to be more positive.

3. Be honest about your relationship


If your relationship isn’t working, you have to break it off. Don’t stay in an unhappy environment just because you think something will change.

Deal with that right at the beginning, and give yourself another chance of happiness.

4. Show vulnerability


Don’t keep everything to yourself. Don’t close yourself up because you’re afraid of getting hurt. Sure, you’re going to protect yourself from pain, but you’re also going to deprive yourself of love.

And love always beats pain. Don’t risk never experiencing it just because you’re scared of getting hurt.

Show your vulnerable side to your family and friends, and make sure they know you are there for them whenever they need it. It will make you feel better, too.

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5. Hit the road


It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or far away. Not everyone has the possibility to travel around the world.

If you’re short on cash, just go somewhere within your possibilities, and do it all by yourself. Travel alone. It will help you discover what really lies within you.

You’ll have time to think and to make decisions if you have any. It will be a vacation for your body and mind.

6. Don’t try to control everything


Try to leave some room for surprises. You have to learn that you simply can’t control every aspect of your life. If you try, it will exhaust you and drive you crazy.

Sometimes you just need to let go, enjoy things and embrace whatever comes your way.

7. Forgive yourself


Nobody’s perfect. Stop blaming yourself for everything that you’ve done and that has happened to you. Accept your mistakes as a part of your past.

Look at them as a valuable lesson and something you’ll never do again. Making peace with yourself is the most important key to falling in love with yourself again.

8. Others have no influence on your life


Don’t listen to others. Don’t think that social norms and what society thinks can have an influence on your decisions in life. Society is not always right and sometimes you just have to go with your gut and do what you think is right—even if it doesn’t agree with what others tell you.

Prepare yourself that when you do something untraditional, you’ll be judged, and people are going to try to talk you out of whatever you wanted to do.

Don’t let this bother you, and do what you think is the best.

9. Go on a detox


From the digital world. Phones, ipads and any other imaginable technology overwhelms you. Social networks actually make you depressed.

All the news you’ve been bombarded with every day only makes you feel worse. The ridiculous beauty standards, the toxic stories, world crises and crimes—you can’t read or see anything other than that.

And believe it or not, that is depressing, getting that kind of negativity every day. Disconnect yourself from all of that.

Go to nature or if you can’t go to a park. Don’t bring your phone with you and just enjoy what you see around you.

10. Learn to be loved


Let yourself be loved. Learn to accept other people’s love which comes in all forms. Let your friends be there for you. Let them see when you’re weak and sad, and when you’re happy.

When you learn to take their love, it will be easier to love yourself, too.

11. Face your fears


You have to be strong, and you musn’t let anything scare you. Choose something you’re scared of, and face it. You won’t succeed the first time and maybe not even the tenth time.

But, the fact alone that you’ve faced it will make you respect yourself more.

12. Pamper yourself


Make your day perfect for you. Take a random day, whichever you feel like taking, and turn it into a ‘you-day’. Make yourself the queen, and do whatever you want to do.

Pamper yourself because you deserve it. Relax, go wild, drink, hang out with your friends, go swimming, go to a concert—whatever makes you happy.

13. Forget about the past


Give yourself a chance to leave the past where it belongs. Don’t let it haunt you because for as long as you’re hanging on to it, you can’t move forward.

As long as you have issues that bother you, you can’t be happy. Either forgive yourself and let go or try to solve it. If it bothers you still, again, let it go.

14. Think of what made you happy and sad in the past


Think of all the things that had a major impact on your life in the past. Remember the things and moments that made you happy or sad.

Naturally, you know what you have to do. Try to relive those moments or simply follow the same pattern you followed when something made you happy. It will happen again. I promise.

15. Surround yourself with positive people


Keep your company positive. After all, after some time spent with someone, you start behaving like them and even adopting a few of their personality traits.

But, the important thing for you to keep on growing as a person is to surround yourself with positive people who will influence you positively.

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