Wives, your marriage is your most important earthly relationship.
But when your husband takes the seat of God’s throne in your life, that is when idolatry takes place.


I recently received an email from a lady named Kesha who shared how God revealed to her an idol of her heart:

I’ve utilized practically every resource imaginable to work on my improving and repairing my marriage. I’ve prayed and have been waiting for a lasting breakthrough to occur, but to no avail. Recently I’ve asked myself why do I see God answering my prayers and working in other areas of my life but not my marriage? What am I doing wrong? 

It was during church yesterday that the answer came to me. I’d forgotten about my first love. I’ve placed so much focus and emphasis on my husband and my marriage to the point where I’ve inadvertently made them idols. Nothing should be prioritized over my relationship with God. I realize that I can do nothing without Him.

Last night I prayed and asked God to forgive me and to renew my heart and mind to pursue Him with as much zeal as I have in fixing my marriage. I have to be intentional in making time to study the Bible and prioritizing my relationship with Him.

Do you see yourself in Kesha’s story? I know I do.

Please don’t hear me say that it’s bad to work on your marriage. That’s not what I’m saying.
What I do mean to say is that often times we start off with wonderful intentions: we want to nurture our marriage; we want to grow in it. But, as time goes on, instead of seeking God with your husband, you are now tunnel-visioned on your husband. Instead of running towards God with your husband, you have now sidetracked onto a dead end path.

I often find myself on this dead end path, especially when it comes to maintaining our home to my husband’s liking. I get frustrated when I don’t meet his “standards”.

So I want to caution you by asking you the hard question: do you put your husband above God?


“You shall have no other gods before me.”


When we put our husbands above God, we turn them into our idols – our gods.
But God’s Word has said we can’t do that.

Why is that?!
Because God knows that:

  • all good things come from Him,
  • apart from Him we can do nothing,
  • apart from Him is where sin breeds.


So how do we keep God our first love? By spending time with Him in His Word.

God wrote you a love letter, study it. Chew on it. Meditate on it.

Make it your first priority to learn more about God through the Bible.

If you want to learn some basic Bible-reading techniques, we have a short online Bible Basics Workshop that will help you learn and practice those techniques.

If you need help making your quiet time less overwhelming and more refreshing – because you have a busy schedule or because you have little ones interrupting you – whatever the reason is, give our bite-sized Bible studies a try. Our upcoming study on Proverbs 31 is perfect for you. Dwell in His Word in manageable chunks (one verse at a time, to be exact) and learn what a biblical wife looks like.

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