A friend and I were talking a few weeks ago and she said that gurus, coaches, and everyone on the internet are talking about loving yourself, but what actually is self-love?

More importantly, how do you get it if you’re starting from a place of not having any? And no we’re not referring to consumerism self-love where all you have to do is buy a bath bomb and put on a face mask and suddenly that means you love yourself. Like everything else important in life..it’s found within.

So after giving it some thought this is what I came up with…

Self-love is:

Self-love is saying no to things that insult your soul

Self-love is saying yes to eating fruit and veggies

Self-love is saying no to binge drinking 

Self-love is setting boundaries

Self-love is speaking your truth

Self-love is letting go of control and trusting everything will work out

Self-love is knowing everything is happening for you

Self-love is understanding where there is give there is take

Self-love is saying yes to challenges 

Self-love is feeling all the feelings and not numbing yourself

Self-love is moving your body without fear of judgment

Self-love is feeling comfortable and only wearing what makes you feel like a disco mermaid cozy athlete 

Self-love is forgiveness for all people in your life

Self-love is dreaming wildly

Self-love is reaching out to friends when needed

Self-love is believing in your unlimited potential 

Self-love is taking time to be silent

Self-love is taking the risks you’ve always wanted to take

Self-love is always evolving

I hope you take the time to write it down and figure out what truly loving yourself looks like for you. Define it for yourself because you are worth it.

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