You love her by trusting her, by giving her the freedom she needs. You love her by confiding in her, by telling her the things that are near and dear to your heart. You love her by keeping your promises, by saying something and actually following through with it.

You love her by making her feel safe and secure, like nothing can touch her when she’s with you. You love her by supporting her and cheering her on when she’s hesitant about going after her dreams. You love her by reassuring her that she’s smart and brave.

You love her by believing in her with all your heart.

You love her by showing her that love isn’t selfish, it’s selfless. You love her by showing her that real love isn’t restricting and controlling. You love her by showing her that real love isn’t stripping her of her independence and dictating her decisions. You love her by showing her that real love is encouraging and supporting.

You love her by communicating with her. You love her by showing up when you promise. You love her by continuing the little things after the “honeymoon” phase. You love her by coming to a compromise with her when you’re struggling to see eye to eye.

You love her by being real, by being kind, by putting her first because this girl – she wants to do all that for you.

She wants to believe in real love, not like the other “love” she’s experienced. She wants to believe that love is kind, compassionate and caring. She wants to believe that love can be freeing, supporting and romantic. She wants to believe that not everyone leaves, that not everyone lies.

She wants to give you her whole heart, she wants to trust you completely, she wants to learn you better than you know yourself. She wants to make you her first priority because she wants you to do the same for her.

She doesn’t want you to fix her because the truth is we are all a little broken inside and there’s something poetic about that realization. Instead, she wants you to restore her faith, to help heal the bruises on her heart, to make her know that there is a kind love out there, real love.

You love her by caring about her, by not calling her names, by being patient. You love her by staying, even through the hard times. You love her by not walking out the door when your eyes are filled with anger. You love her by drying her tears after you make up and telling her that you’re not going anywhere.

You love her by not laying a hand on her. You love her by not degrading her, by not making her feel worthless, by not making her feel guilty for your mistakes. You love her by not judging her based on her past.

You love her by seeing her as equal, by asking about her day, by taking care of her when she’s sick.

You love her by being there for her above all else.

You love her like you’re going to lose her and you never will – this is how you love her

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