Imagine you and your husband have tied your shoes together.
You can’t go anywhere very far unless he moves with you.
But if your steps are in sync and you have the same destination in mind, you can go very far.

What is it like for you two when it comes to pursuing God?
Are your steps in sync or do you keep tripping over each other because you’re not acting as ONE?

Back in the fall of 2013, Grant and I were ready to have kids.
(To be honest, I had been ready for a while before Grant was. But God surely gave me peace about waiting for Grant to be ready as well.)
For months we’d wait with much anticipation, hoping to see 2 pink lines.
7 months passed and we were still waiting.
I started to question my body, “is there something wrong with me?!”
“Are we one of the few infertile couples?!”
After meeting with my OBGYN doctor who reassured me sometimes it just takes awhile to get pregnant, Grant and I held our hands and prayed together.

And guess what? We got pregnant right after we prayed as ONE.

God heard our prayers. He granted us our desire.
And I strongly believed it was because we sought Him as one.

This is why I encourage you to pursue God together as a married couple.
You have become ONE as soon as you were married.
It only makes sense for you to pursue God together as one unit.


With a little creativity, it is totally doable.

Family Prayer Walk/Hike
Pray with your husband as your kiddos are busy burning their energies off. Boom.

After Dinner Coffee Hour
Carrie of He Says She Says sits down for coffee with her husband every night after dinner.
I encourage you to steal her idea and be intentional in setting aside an hour after dinner for you and your husband to talk and pray.
It might take a few days for your kids to get used to this new normal, but if you’re consistent in protecting this time, your marriage will reap great benefits from it.
[Of course, you can totally customize this. If the morning hours work better for ya, go for it. Or, perhaps, you’re not big into coffee. How about tea? Beer? Protein shake???]

Commute + Communicate
Is there a commute you take with your husband regularly?
My in-laws live 2 hours away and we visit them probably (at least) once every 2 months. My children are still at the age where they nap in the car, so we try to be on the road during nap time. That way we get some quiet time to talk, pray and read the Bible together if we feel led.

Dedicate a Seek + Pray Date Night
Perhaps instead of dong something fun for date night, your marriage could use a time dedicated to praying and seeking after God. Get a babysitter and go somewhere quiet without many distractions and just pray. Grant and I have done that and it was always very refreshing.


I realize that not every one reading this has a husband that also believes in God.
If that’s you, I encourage you to become your husband’s fiercest prayer warrior.
Pray for his salvation without ceasing.
I know God hears and I know God wants everyone to enter His Kingdom.
So don’t give up on hope. Pray, pray, and pray.
God can work mightily and turn your husband’s heart toward Him.

In short, don’t neglect the power you have as one unit.
Your marriage (and your kids, really) will benefit greatly if you seek after God as ONE.
How will you pursue God together this week?

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