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First dates can be magical. You’re meeting someone new and getting to know them. You’ve read and listened to every piece of dating advice you can find and know what to do during a first date to make a great impression. But, what about after?

Your first date with a new guy was out of this world! This could be the beginning of a new relationship with your one true love!

But, no matter how amazing things are on the first date, hold onto your heart and don’t let yourself fall in love or get serious about him just yet — even if he gets serious!

The secret for how to get a guy like you so much that he can’t wait to see you again after a first date isn’t to dive head-first into a new relationship. Instead, it’s about building up the attraction and using both your head and your heart to make smart decisions about your love life and potential new mate.

Here are the 4 best tips and pieces of dating advice to follow if you want to know how to get a guy to like you and ask you out again after a first date.

1. Don’t take his compliments too seriously

“But he showered me with compliments,” you say …

That’s lovely. But a great guy expects you to be smart enough not to fall in love after a few well-placed compliments. After all, you barely know him! On a first date, accept his compliments with pleasure, but don’t read too much into them!

“But our connection was magic, and he was so romantic,” you say …

Some men pour on the romance, even on the first date. Maybe he feels strongly about you. But this doesn’t mean he expects you to start planning the wedding! (Even if you can’t help picking out your dress, never let him know!)

2. Let him court you

On the first date, if you respond to a man’s super-romantic ways by getting your hopes up — you may end up scaring him off. It’s too soon. His romantic excitement on the first date is no guarantee of anything — not even a second date. So give him the chance to enjoy courting you a little!

Don’t let yourself get caught when he’s only two steps into the chase. You’ll spoil all his fun that way — and yours!

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3. Don’t get caught up yet

“But I told him he made me feel like a princess,” you say.

Oops. You sent the wrong message because it’s way too soon to swoon. You also spilled the beans that most men do not treat you like a princess. Double oops.

Do you really want to give him the impression that he’s the only man who has ever found you thrilling? Even if you go home from the first date on cloud nine, be careful about telling him this yet. That could cause him to back away — even when you thought that was impossible.

Why would he back off? After the evening glow becomes the following day, if you’ve taken him too seriously, he feels the pressure. He was courting you, but he didn’t expect you to be convinced so quickly. He was auditioning for you, but he didn’t expect you to cast him in the lead right away.

He thinks you’ve made an emotional “home run” long before he’s reached second base!

4. Let him chase you

Remember, the chase is a challenge for men and men love a challenge. This man heaped on the compliments because he’s captivated by your charm — not because he expects to win your hand so easily!

A high-quality guy assumes that you’re high quality too, that you have the good sense to let your relationship prove itself naturally over time. Don’t disappoint him.

After your first date, let him be the one to get in touch first. Until he does, don’t call or text him to say again how much you enjoyed your evening.

And if you’ve already made these post-first date mistakes, what do you do now?

Worry not. When you talk to him again, keep things casual. Don’t discuss your rapture about the first date in any way. Act as though this was just one very nice evening in your naturally charmed life!

Keep your conversation light and breezy. Chances are, he’ll ask you for a second date if he feels no pressure after the first one.

Don’t give your heart over “lock, stock, and barrel” after only one date with any man. Let the first date be fun — never too serious. There’s plenty of time for that.

Let your relationship unfold like the petals of a flower. Slow down and relish the process, little by little. You’ll both have a lot more fun this way.

Who knows? The memories you make along the way may last a lifetime.

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