If you must make a gift to a Aries friend or parent but do not really know what to offer, in this article we give you some tips that might delight them. That said, remember that the characteristics of the Aries sign also influence for many in the kind of gift. This sign is dominant and he likes to have control, so remember that your gift should make him feel important.

What a gift to offer to a Aries man

  • For DIYers: a self-taught book of the genre how to do digital photography or DIY.
  • For accessories enthusiasts: a scarf with its embroidered name or a designer lighter (if it is a smoker). Designer sunglasses or a watch will fascinate him too.
  • For sports Aries : Some courses of an adventure sport such as canoeing, rafting or water skiing. Or a surfboard or skis, if he likes this kind of sport. Even with sports clothes you will make him happy.
  • For technology: an iPod, mp4, iPhone or any other state-of-the-art audio item. If you offer him the latest iPad, you will have a huge success … Although he will be satisfied with his favorite console game.
  • Other: If the Aries man loves coffee, your ideal gift is an espresso and cappuccino maker

What a gift for a woman Aries

  • For the picky: original earrings or a necklace of a very fashionable brand, a bottle of his favorite perfume. A lipstick or other makeup from a brand of beauty products of great renown.
  • For technology enthusiasts: a digital camera or a video camera will be the ideal gifts. Also, an audiobook that she can listen to while walking, jogging or driving.
  • The clothes will not be a good gift unless you know the Aries women very well . You can make a very good impression with accessories like a scarf or a nice scarf for the neck.
  • The most original gifts with which you will surprise the Aries woman are every time: an adventure holiday, like a safari. A facial treatment with massage included in a spa or wine tasting courses.
  • If the Aries woman is not on a diet, chocolates of an exclusive brand.

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